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Apple has released the first seed of iOS 7.1 beta (build number 11D5099e) to registered developers today. Check below for a comprehensive overview of changes and iOS 7.1 Release Notes below:

iOS 7.1 beta 1 includes a number of bug fixes and (seriously needed) performance enhancements. iPad includes a tweaked closing animation in the pinch-to-close gesture.

A few other changes include a new toggle for ‘dark keyboard’ in the accessibility settings and an option to upload ‘burst mode photos’ to Photo Stream for iPhone 5s users (Thanks Skylor and Dan!). Toggling ‘bold text’ no longer requires restarting your device as it has up to iOS 7.0.4 and can be found in the text size menu now in addition to the general accessibility menu. A new ‘auto HDR mode’ appears in the beta as well as flash indicators when auto flash exacts to activate.

Notification Center now features a new dialog when cleared and a tweaked button for clearing items (slightly easier). The new Yahoo! logo that appeared in Settings in iOS 7.0.4 last week has also made its appearance in Notification Center as well as Weather and Stocks. Flickr now features a gradient-less logo throughout the system.

As it is a beta, iOS 7.1 beta 1 is not without bugs of course (sound off by default to avoid driving you insane, but take a listen):

Apple released iOS 7.0.4 and iOS 6.1.5 publicly on Thursday of last week, and with iOS 7.1 officially shipping to developers today, we should expect to see it debut publicly relatively soon as well. Apple also released a developer update to Apple TV to improve iPad AirPlay performance.

iOS 7.1 Release Notes

iOS SDK 7.1 provides support for developing iOS apps, and it includes the complete set of Xcode tools, compilers, and frameworks for creating apps for iOS and OS X. These tools include the Xcode IDE and the Instruments analysis tool, among many others.

With this software you can develop apps for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 7. You can also test your apps using the included iOS Simulator, which supports iOS 7. iOS SDK 7.1 requires a Mac computer running OS X v10.8.4 (Mountain Lion) or later.

This version of iOS is intended for installation only on devices registered with the Apple Developer Program. Attempting to install this version of iOS in an unauthorized manner could put your device in an unusable state.

For more information and additional support resources, visit

Bug Reporting

To report any bugs not mentioned in the Notes and Known Issues section, use the Apple Bug Reporter on the Apple Developer website ( Additionally, you may discuss these issues and iOS SDK 7.1 in the Apple Developer Forums: To get more information about iCloud for Developers, go to

Notes and Known Issues

The following issues relate to using iOS SDK 7.1 to develop code.


Known Issue

32-bit apps running on a 64-bit device cannot attach to BTServer.


Fixed in iOS 7.1 beta

Previously, if the server-side closed an HTTP request with TCP FIN without sending any bytes of HTTP header or HTTP body, NSURLConnection would synthesize an empty HTTP/1.1 200 OK response. This is now fixed, and the request will result in an error instead of a successful load with a synthesized response.


A new compatibility behavior has been added to address an issue where some web servers would send the wrong Content-Length value for “Content-Encoding: gzip” content. Previously, NSURLConnection and NSURLSession would send a “network connection was lost” / NSURLErrorNetworkConnectionLost (-1005) error in this situation.

The compatibility behavior applies only if the Content-Length value exactly matches the expanded gzip’d content. It won’t apply for “off by 1” or similar miscounting.

Core Text

Fixed in iOS 7.1 beta

Previously, text drawn with CTFrameDraw did not correctly place lines to account for the paragraphSpacing attribute of NSParagraphStyle. This has been addressed in iOS 7.1 beta.

Crash Logs

Known Issue

Crash logs will not appear in Diagnostics & Usage Data in Settings. The logs will still be available when synced off the device.


Fixed in iOS 7.1 beta

If loaded with GLKTextureLoader, pngcrush images that have alpha were not unpremultiplied.

High Precision Timers

Fixed in iOS 7.1 beta

When sleeping or waiting for extremely precise time intervals, timers were delayed by up to 1 millisecond.


Known Issue

Loading an iTunes Match library (or your purchased music history) may take much longer than expected, especially on larger libraries. If your library does not sync right away, please wait 30 minutes and try to access it again.

Multipeer Connectivity

Fixed in iOS 7.1 beta

The MCSessioninitWithPeer: method has now been implemented properly.

For more information on MCSession APIs, watch WWDC 2013: Nearby Networking with Multipeer Connectivity.


Known Issues

If a UITextField or a UILabel that is baseline aligned with constraints has attributes that change after the constraints have been added, the layout may be incorrect. The exception to this is -setFont: on UILabel, which should work as expected.

Workaround: Avoid making changes in UITextField or UILabel after adding baseline-alignment constraints. If you must make changes, you should remove the constraints and then reapply them afterward. Note that this is a performance hit, so don’t do it unless it is necessary.

The backIndicatorTransitionMask from a storyboard or a xib will not be interpreted correctly at runtime.

Workaround: Set the backIndicatorTransitionMask in code.

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76 Responses to “Apple releases iOS 7.1 beta to developers w/ UI tweaks and new Yahoo! logo, speed improvements, more”

  1. Edas Haha says:

    Who installed, please check if most of bugs are fixed


  2. Ahmad Fayiz says:

    battery fix, or another useless update by apple.
    don’t tell me to buy a new phone, i own a 4s and i love it !


    • Yeah, shocker your two year old phone’s battery isn’t the same as it was, oh, say, two years ago. They should really release some software to fix your two year old hardware. While they’re at it, maybe they could figure out this whole being unable to “travel faster than the speed of light” thing. Damn laws of physics.

      I wish car companies would release updates to refresh my tires, too, but that’s not now the physical world works, Sonny Jim. Or do you call up and complain to your supermarket that you ate dinner, but you’re hungry again? “BUT I PAID $10 FOR THAT DIGORNOS. I WANT TO BE FULL FOREVER.”



    • tallestskil says:

      Your two year old phone doesn’t last as long on a charge as it used to?

      Stop the presses.


    • silas681 says:

      Apologies Ahmad on behalf of the grown ups who read this forum. Please ignore the two ignorant offensive people who have decided that they will, today, make rude, offensive comments at you expense to make themselves feel important and relevant (for a change)


      • They’re right though, tone notwithstanding. Hell, his tone wasn’t great to begin with. To blame iOS for a two year old phone battery not lasting as long as it used to is just nonsense. If he’s still happy with it, that’s super and more power to him, but there’s no reason anybody’s going to take his complaining seriously. If you’re going to choose to continue using outdated and/or old hardware you’re going to experience degraded performance. It’s not Apple’s or iOS’s fault and hardly makes the update useless.


    • rahhbriley says:

      Ya I don’t wan to join in on being rude, but I will mention that I know several people that have had battery issues with their 4S before and after iOS7. If you had ANY issues with it before iOS 7 I would replace your battery. They are literally under $10 with shipping on Amazon. Just find a reputable buyer from the US. It literally takes under 5 minutes to complete. There are two pentalobe screws keeping the back on, and then the very first thing that comes out of the phone is the battery. It is held in with two philips screws. Most all parts suppliers give away a kit of free tools when you order. Other than replacing the back, it is the absolute easiest repair you can do to an iPhone 4/4S. iFixit has great tutorials on their website, and even a novice shouldn’t be scared of doing this repair.

      Now whether you think you should even have to replace the battery is a whole other matter. All I can say is, regardless if it’s just a crummy deal, or if you feel like it’s Apple’s fault, they aren’t likely to do any thing for you, and this will likely get you back up and going without the misery. Unless of course your issue is strictly software related. My 4S had no issues what-so-ever with iOS7. But I only used it about 3 weeks before I upgraded.


      • silas681 says:

        Nice one! A helpful response that I completely agree with. Getting a little sick of certain people who seem to get their jollies by trolling on people.

        If EVERY comment by certain a ‘member’ (excuse the pun) of a forum is negative, degrading, offensive or ignorant should that ‘member’ not be banned? Life is too short to be reading posts by these little boys who think the way they behave on COD is legitimate in all other forums. Nuff said


      • Oh i didn’t know that my comment will start a children war, forget about them.
        Let me be informative here, the 4s is not 2 years old, and you can buy it today on any apple store, so it’s not that outdated ! for the battery issue, on ios6 battery lasted 2 days on full operation, now it can’t last 6 hours ! so their assumption about the outdated hardware (battery is dead) is not right ! my hardware was fine on ios6, i upgraded to ios7 then it’s dead ? this is not how anything works.
        So, i think apple is opliged to update the ios7 to maintain the battery problem (not on 4s, but also on some iPhone 5 devices and ipads) or let users have the ability to downgrade to ios6 again where they can enjoy their devices.

        for the kids who is crying up there, if you can afford to change your device every year, this does not mean everyone can, also, when apple decides a device is outdated they won’t push updates for it.
        so shut the frak up please, and think before you write.


      • Noah says:

        Or at least use Spell-Check… am I right?!


    • Seriously, you’d think that Apple’s software engineers would be able to find SOME way to break the laws of physics regarding how batteries age by this point.


    • Noah says:

      Maybe upgrade your 2 year old phone? You do understand how rechargeable batteries work, right?


  3. rogifan says:

    I love it when Apple does stuff that’s even a surprise to rumor sites.


  4. Thalles Maia says:

    About time. I just hope it enables the blurred layer on iPhone 4 and iPad 2, cuz it makes no f*cking sense at all not having them enabled, especially on iPad 2.


    • Performance. This is far from the first time they’ve disabled visual flourish on older systems and devices. I guess they figured out a way to make it happen without impacting the older processors too hard or draining the battery too much, or both.


  5. Duke A. says:

    alli ask for is “tap to tweet” back!


  6. Link to download 7.1 without dev acct?


  7. New in iOS 7.1: Use Dark Keyboard in Settings > Accessibility


  8. New in iOS 7.1: Use Dark Keyboard in Settings > Accessibility


  9. Are there sensible enhances in terms of performance?


  10. Only way to fix iOS 7 is with iOS 8.


  11. Heh…”Crash logs will not appear in Diagnostics & Usage Data in Settings.” How better to make sure users don’t see all those Low Memory Warnings spurting from their nice shiny new iPads?
    Shameful. This is an absurd change with no rationale other than to hide the real reason for most iOS crashes from the non-power user (lack of RAM).

    Just should have put in 2GB of RAM.


  12. Amar Kahlon says:

    Not sure if this was possible before but didn’t notice it but, If you have the camera app open and go into multitask mode, you can still have a live view of the camera and continue to take pictures by pressing the volume buttons. Kind of unnecessary but still pretty cool.


  13. cunderhill says:

    Is anyone else having an issue where album art isn’t displaying (either by artist, or the new landscape view)? I’ve got one in landscape, and just a few when browsing by artist.


  14. Randy Jantz says:

    What about the random reboot issue with the iPhone 5s? When is someone going to acknowledge and fix it?


  15. “Use Dark Keyboard,” “Increase Contrast,” “Darken Colors”… These are all just Band-aids for some of the poor visual design decisions made in iOS7, not actual solutions for consumers. Very un-Apple-like.

    Allowing the user to replace the too light, low-contrast keyboard for the too-dark, low-contrast keyboard is just silly and shouldn’t even be an option the user should have to make. How about just actually making the default keyboard (and OS) easier for everyone to see and getting rid of these needless options?

    Say what you will about skeumorphism, but iOS never garnered these complaints nor needed to burden the user with all of these little band-aids before iOS7.


    • Paul Allen says:

      You are 100% correct. After upgrading (sic) my iphone5 to ios7 my 58 year old eyes found it so user-hostile i actually ended up selling it and buying an identical used one with ios6.

      And speaking of un-apple-like, is it just me, or are all the new non-black colors (5C, and iphone and ipad cases and covers) awful? Gold? Beige? Brown? Pale green? Very pale yellow? Ug!


  16. wow, angels and airwaves love


  17. Lee Albright says:

    Have they fixed the Reminder App so that it doesn’t always have to be running to remind you At Location?


  18. William says:

    Reblogged this on William's iBlog and commented:
    Mostly just bug fixes, visual tweaks, and speed improvements. Typical Apple fashion!
    The new “Clear” button in Notification Center looks so much easier to tap.


  19. Gregg Mojica says:

    Glad to see those bug fixes! iOS 7 is just so buggy – especially on my iPad Mini


  20. Mark Ke says:

    Doesn’t look like the ipad air, mini with retina display, 5S or 5C are available to download for…


  21. Lots of welcome additions. There are a few more and plenty of screenshots here:


  22. Alex Phan says:

    WOAH I AM VERY IMPRESSED. already ios7.1 no lag on my ipod 5 for now wow


  23. PLEASE get rid of that fugly flat minimalist interface…….


  24. cunderhill says:

    One thing I noticed that I like, and I don’t think it’s been there before… When you go to take a picture, there is now a flash icon that will appear at the bottom of the screen if the flash is going to fire (in auto). If you don’t see the flash icon, the flash will not fire. This can be helpful. I’ve had times I wish it would have fired, but it didn’t. Now I know before I shoot if it will flash.


  25. olcap says:

    Still running 5.1 on my iPad 3, patiently (somewhat) waiting for an ios release that actually is not so bad as to cause major problems like everyon has been having with EVERY ios release!

    I fear I may hav to stay on 5.1 forever at this rate. Bad development, bad testing and rushed delivery = FAILURE!


  26. Has the iOS 7.0.4 Youtube video uploading bug in iOS 7.0.4 been fixed?


  27. Any idea when there might be an update to fix the battery issue?


  28. I’ve noticed there is some new wallpapers added too


  29. Also filter UI in the edit section in the photo app has been slimmed down


  30. Arun Pachat says:

    A black Theme as for few people ios7 is too bright, Maybe like the interface we have in FaceTime Applicaton, And a Data Toggle Option in Control Center Might be great if they can implement in the coming releases.


  31. Nehal Kanwar says:

    For those who haven’t tried IOS 7.1 beta 1 yet, i would recommend not to try as getting rid of previous IOS 7.0.X bugs, it also brings in new set of bugs. The major one i have noticed till now are : 1) the push notification for instant messaging apps such as Whatsapp doesn’t vibrate when not directly in the app. So the people who keep their Iphone on silent, won’t have any way of knowing if any push notification as been received if their phones are in their pocket. The screen still lights up to show the notification though. 2) All the text tones under Sounds are the same and it only vibrates; there are no text tone sounds. 3) Random reboots occur every now and then. 4) No change in battery life yet. Keeping all these bugs aside and the IOS 7.1 beta as major speed improvements even on the iphone 4. Keep in mind that this is only the first Beta version so the official release version will be fixed or we might see improvements in next beta versions if there are any.


  32. wtrudi says:

    Wallpaper settings thumbnail is much bigger in iOS 7.1 b1


  33. Filip Kubiny says:

    They should do something with the music …. can’t play only one album trough artists on shuffle … and also can’t play all tracks from one genre from multiple artists. Then next thing is when i am making an playlist i can’t choose all songs from an album i have to check every song and when i have to do so with albums like Stadium Arcadium with lots of songs it takes longer than before ..


  34. staraffinity says:

    This page crashes these browsers in iOS 7.0.4: Safari, Chrome, Dolphin. Worked in Opera Mini, though. Is that fixed in iOS 7.1? :)


  35. iphonebetas dot com registers udid for just 3.99.

    I payed it with pp and it was instantly active… Also live chat was available


  36. Eric Nielsen says:

    Ok, I’ve been an iphone1, iphone2, iphone3, iphone4, iphone5 user. But iOS7 is impossible for my 51 year old eyes to use. Apple has released an unusable OS, bright white and light grey, bright white and light red, bright white and light yellow. It’s become clear Steve Jobs must have been the “only real” test engineer at Apple that cared about quality and real usability. I’ve given Apple a chance to fix this, and after seeing 7.1 beta 2, where they have dropped the darker keyboard, and haven’t offered any real fixes to the horrible UI color scheme, I realize it’s time. Yes I have to admit, that in one short release, they have turned my love for the iP* gear into a useless pile of glass.

    I dropped by the AT&T store and bought a Galaxy 4, deep rich colors, depth and texture in icons. For Alex Maier who works at Google, I must admit, she was right. Android is now better.

    I’m sorry, Tim Cook appears to be more concerned with Gay rights and social political issues then he is about making technology that works well. I don’t see him speaking about this mess Apple finds itself in. The boards are full of people complaining. The AT&T store rep says they are getting loads of switching like myself. And interestingly, when I was in the Apple store down at Valley Fair last night, there were twice as many people in the support and technical help area then there was people buying products. I’ve never seen that before, in fact there were sales representatives standing around in the sales area, and the support area and genius area was loaded, standing room only.

    Apple, what a mess.