Fantastical for Mac received a small performance update today but also added one really useful feature: Reminder due times. As we mentioned in our full review here, Fantastical 2 for iPhone recently picked up full Reminders support and today’s update brings further parity between the two apps.

Fantastical for Mac, which I find to be the easiest way to input dates and reminders, is available on the Mac App Store for $19.99 to new users and today’s update is free for existing users.

Full change log below:

What’s New in Version 1.3.11

– Reminders now have due times!
– Fixed a problem where “400 Bad Request” errors would appear when using iCloud
– Fixed an issue where events sometimes wouldn’t update from Outlook
– Fixed a problem where Fantastical would appear partially offscreen when using multiple displays on OS X Mavericks 10.9
– Fixed a potential hang when creating events with invitees on OS X Mavericks 10.9
– Various fixes and improvements

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3 Responses to “Fantastical for Mac updated with Reminders due times and performance improvements”

  1. Ralph Rocha says:

    I’m sorry… 19,95 for an app that does this? #YouGottaBeKidingMe


  2. 20 bucks for a calendar? No.