Offering somewhat of an answer to a very popular question among followers of Apple, new publication The Information is out with a report today offering a few interesting tidbits regarding Scott Forstall’s post-Apple activity.

Scott Forstall, the former SVP of iOS Software who was replaced by Craig Federighi under Tim Cook’s executive reorganization in late 2012, has reportedly been using his free time to advise startups, spend money philanthropically, and visit other countries.

Business Insider relays this message from the report:

Amir Efrati at new technology site The Information is reporting that Forstall spent the year traveling to Italy and South Africa. He also advised a few startups, and became more philanthropically involved, focusing on education, poverty, and human rights.

As for what’s next, Efrati doesn’t have any news, but he says VC firms like Kleiner Perkins and Andreessen Horowitz have stayed in touch, but Apple employees think Forstall’s next move will be starting his own company.

While The Information’s report is somewhat vague, it reveals more details than the very private former Apple exec has let on in the past. Check out The Information to read the full report.

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7 Responses to “Report: Forstall advising startups, traveling overseas, investing in charitable causes post-Apple”

  1. iOS is not as cool to me in the v7 iteration. I don’t like the post-Forstall era.


    • rlowhit says:

      Give it up Samsung he is not coming to work for you.


    • Jonas Ng says:

      I have been using an iPhone since 2008. I still feel uncertain about which buttons to push/click when using iOS 7. They say iOS 7 is built on the assumption that people now are accustomed to touch screen devices. But my comfort with how touch screen devices work originates from how the UI looks. Therefore, iOS 7, which in its design phase, was set out to make things as ‘simple’ as possible, had been built on an assumption that the construction process would for sure nullify.


  2. Why do I get the feeling this “report” doesn’t have much in it but they just want to sucker people into paying for it.


  3. Also if this report is correct then it sounds like Forstall probably was only at Apple through the end of last year. Of course Tim Cook’s memo never said Forstall would be staying with Apple for an entire year.


  4. I miss Forstall… I still hold out hope that he’ll come back someday and save us all from iOS 7.


  5. 311sie says:

    Good for him to stay busy while they get his office ready at Redmond.