Say what you will about T-Mobile CEO John Legere’s audacious personality (no, really, I’m sure he won’t mind), but under his lead and the company’s Uncarrier campaign the carrier has made quite a few consumer-friendly moves with its policies.

In what the carrier is calling Uncarrier 4.0, the company is likely to announce plans to cover the early termination fees charged to customers switching from AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint during a contract.

That’s according to an ad which leaked and was later pulled. The ad (shown above) was first spotted by Droid-Life which reports the new policy will cover ETF fees up to $350 when you move at least three lines to T-Mobile…

If true, the move could resonate well with consumers tempted by T-Mobile’s unique plans and policies but remain stuck in a contract with another carrier.

We’ll bring you the official announcement as T-Mobile is set to reveal its Uncarrier 4.0 initiative at CES this afternoon. You can also view the live stream announcement here at 12:25 PST / 3:35 EST.

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One Response to “Leaked T-Mobile ad hints at plans to cover ETF for switchers”

  1. This is exciting. A friend of mine wants to switch but will have to face an ETF from AT&T if he does.