As we have previously noted, Apple began giving away selected paid apps, music and books in the Apple Store app as an incentive for users to download and check out the app. For the new year, Apple’s first free app through the Apple Store App is the 7 Minute Workout Challenge.

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7 Responses to “Apple Store app starts the new year by giving away fitness app”

  1. I dont see this as FREE as stated. Costs $1.99 even on iTunes or App Store.


  2. I had this working no problem at all on the “Old” Apple Store App (the one designed for the iPhone not the iPad) but I can not figure out how to get the free Apps on the iPad version of the Apple Store. Has any figured this out?


    • Zac Hall says:

      To grab it on iPad, you’ll need the iPhone version of the Apple Store app. Still available on the App Store as they’re separate.


      • I appreciate your comment but this does not seem to work in real life. I had the iPhone version. It informed me that there is an iPad version and that I should update, I do. Now anytime that I try to run the iPhone version my iPad starts the iPad version (Apple just knows).


  3. Works great from the Apple Store App (not the app store app). Thanks for sharing Sarah!