In a quiet over-the-air update today, Apple has just added a new Red Bull TV Channel for Apple TV users. The content is similar to what is offered already through the Red Bull TV website and iOS apps with a selection of action sports, music, and lifestyle related video series including both on-demand and live content. That includes clips, full-length episodes, as well as live coverage of events and more.

The new channel appears to be rolling out to most countries worldwide for Apple TV users and doesn’t require a software update.

Apple has added a ton of new content to the Apple TV in past months with the most recent additions including Bloomberg TV, Watch ABC, Crackle, and KorTV. The latest rumors suggest that WWE network could be the next to arrive on the platform and last week we reported that Apple is working on a new version of the Apple TV set-top-box that will bring new apps.

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15 Responses to “Apple adds Red Bull TV channel to Apple TV”

  1. driverbenji says:

    where’s the CW channel supposedly in the works almost a year ago?


  2. Jeffrey Kuhn says:

    As much as I appreciate new channels, my Apple TV is now littered with channels. It is a tragedy of disorganization. Each channel has its own way of organizing, and shows are often duplicated between netflix, itunes, hulu, pbs, etc, but with different season or episodes available on each channel. What Apple needs to do is figure out a way to aggregate all of the content, keep track of what I have access to, and organize it by genre, popular, new episodes, etc. Plus, the apple TV desperately needs a global spotlight search for shows and episodes that uses the iOS remote application as the keyboard.


  3. How about an iTunes U channel or MSNBC or why hasn’t jumped on this platform?


  4. NOT worldwife. This channel does NOT added in israel.


  5. Not added in Japan—as is usual for most Apple TV content.


  6. I take that back—it just popped up in Japan too.


  7. Anyone else getting pretty tired of apple littering their tv with shit? Who on earth actually WANTS this channel? Who’s been desperate for it? And even regardless of who wants it, we get forced it – glaring on our home page, without consent. WTF is going on, apple. This isn’t bettering my experience one bit.


  8. gibsarno says:

    All these channels that are being added are only any good in the US, why doesn’t apple put something on that the rest of the world wants eg bbc iplayer in the uk?


  9. Ron Bain Jr. says:

    I’m sure Apple can give us Candians better channels than what we have currently.