Adobe VideoBite, an iOS app designed to make video editing as quick and easy as possible, has been updated to allow titles, photos and music to be added, turning it into a fully-fledged editor while retaining its simple user-interface.

Heartwarming Apple ads aside, I’ve always been rather skeptical of the real-world practicality of video editing on a phone, but I have to confess that VideoBite does make it a very slick process. Trimming clips, for example, involves nothing more than pressing a heart icon at the beginning and end of the bit you want to keep. Adding transitions and music is just as easy, and your finished masterpiece is saved to your camera roll, with exports to Facebook, YouTube and email also supported … 

While the app runs on the iPad also, its real strength is making the most of the limited screen size of an iPhone or iPod Touch.

Adobe VideoBite is a free download from iTunes. The only in-app purchase is an optional subscription to the Adobe Revel video-sharing service.

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10 Responses to “Adobe VideoBite, a bite-sized video editor for iPhone, now allows titles, photos & music”

  1. Wont stop crashing on iPhone 5s


    • manish9p says:

      Would it be possible to share the crash log at manishp(at)adobe(dot)com?
      To retrieve the crash logs from device – please sync your device to itunes.
      the crash stacks are synced at
      %appdata%\Apple computer\Logs\CrashReporter\MobileDevice\\


  2. stuke00 says:

    “The only in-app purchase is an optional subscription to the Adobe Reveal video-sharing service.”

    Adobe Reveal or Adobe Revel?


  3. Crashing seconds after opening on iPhone 5, every time.


  4. PMZanetti says:

    Ever heard of iMovie? Been around for a while…basically defined video editing on a mobile device.


  5. Yep.. Crashy. Can’t open on 5S.


  6. rtdunham says:

    Mine crashes every time. I’ve tried to quickly send a report before the screen disappears.