Facebook’s journey with Paper marches on with the first feature addition to the social network’s alternative app experience on iPhone and iPod touch. Although it’s not a major update, version 1.0.2 includes two additional features of note that could point to its future roadmap.

First, Paper has gained new ways to share articles including via Messages and Mail. Sharing an article through Facebook’s private messaging is also available now, but it’s particularly interesting to see the platform integrate native iOS services in sharing content, especially considering it does not necessarily link back to the website (though it does include a link to fb.com/trypaper that you can remove). This seems to illustrate Paper’s friendliness with the platform and the content rather than insisting on keeping you within Facebook.

Facebook’s Mike Matas (of Apple and Push Pop Press fame) has previously mentioned other ways Paper respects content including higher photo resolution (up to 2048×2048 rather than 960×960).

The second notable feature addition is added language support for post creation. In Facebook’s own words: “Create stories in languages that use multi-stage input, including Chinese, Japanese and Korean.”

Since launch, Paper has not seen international availability (perhaps because of the content sourcing angle), but it’s possible the additional language support could bring us closer to Paper availability outside the US.

Are you still enjoying Facebook Paper since its debut? Give the latest version a spin if you haven’t already.

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8 Responses to “Facebook updates Paper with new ways to share articles, added language support, more”

  1. I’ve removed the proper Facebook app about 2 weeks ago and am only using the Paper app. I am greatly impressed with how well its been as a replacement. I do wish there was a way to scroll through the photos/stories in the top banner, and a way to access my lists. other than that it’s been pretty sweet.


    • quarterswede says:

      I have yet to remove Facebook proper because it still has afee features Paper doesn’t but I use Paper almost exclusively now. It’s such a much more pleasant experience and it cuts down on how much garbage I used to see in my feed.


      • Zac Hall says:

        This is mostly the same for me. Tons of people were deleting the primary app when Paper launched, or deleted Paper after the buzz faded, but you and I have the same approach of taking advantage of both for now.


  2. International availability would be a great update.


  3. If only it was available in my country…


  4. lmjwoww says:

    This looks great but it’s not available in the UK. Which is very annoying!!


  5. Does anyone else have the issue in the Paper application when you try to turn on Facebook Push Notifications setting to open Facebook push notifications in paper instead of Facebook? When I try to turn that on, it just switched itself back off.


  6. When will they allow me to sort chronologically instead of the lame Top News feed?