These are the kind of numbers you will likely hear Tim Cook and company quote during a keynote or quarterly earnings call with investors. Digital analytics tracker comScore is out with a new report today showing a steady lead and continuous gains by Apple among U.S. smartphone users in the three months leading up to the end of January 2014.

59.8 million people in the U.S. owned smartphones (66.8 percent mobile market penetration) during the three months ending in January, up 7 percent since October. Apple ranked as the top OEM with 41.6 percent of U.S. smartphone subscribers (up 1 percentage point from October).

On the platform side, Apple picked up a point (from Android and BlackBerry) during the three month period while Android held its lead but dropped half a point. The current difference between iOS and Android in platform rankings differs by about 10 points.

Compare these numbers to the year ago figures for extra fun.

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4 Responses to “Doomed? Apple is #1 and growing in latest comScore smartphone numbers”

  1. jamesknapejr says:

    Your articles are great. I just wanted to say I am a fan and will continue to visit.

    I would love for you to keep up on my material as well. I tend to be controversial


  2. Apple is doomed because they don’t introduce a new product line-up every year like Wall Street wants them to. Apple is constantly expected to come out with completely new products so the rest of the industry can copy them. Anyway, these gains are not good enough for Wall Street so Apple rightly deserves to be downgraded to a hold or maybe even a sell. Thanks, Tim. You’re doing a great job of keeping the pipeline filled with mystery.


    • scumbolt2014 says:

      Great point. And lf Apple was introducing new product lines every year they would be downgraded by W$ because they would say they are spereading themselves too thin in too many market sectors.


  3. It´s always “US Smartphone numbers”. Surely they must be making some sort of progress in “World wide smartphone numbers” too?