iTunes Radio, launched alongside iOS 7 six months ago, has now overtaken Spotify to become the third most popular music streaming service in America – and looks set to take second place within the next quarter or two.

Reporting on listening data compiled by Edison ResearchElectronista estimates that iTunes Radio’s 8 percent market share gives it around 20M listeners, and says that it is the fastest-growing of the top three services … 

That figure would suggest that iTunes Radio is growing at the fastest rate of the top three services, and is likely to overtake iHeartRadio in the next quarter or two — particularly if iTunes Radio expands to more countries

Australia was added last month, with Canada, New Zealand and the UK expected to be next in line. There have been sporadic instances of the service appearing in both Canada and the UK, but these are believed to be accidents rather than early roll-out.

While Steve Jobs said back in 2007 that people like to own their music, rejecting a streaming music model at that time, seven years later we look to be moving into an age where streaming is taking over from downloads. Billboard magazine revealed in December that music downloads appeared to have started to decline. It has also been suggested that we’re perhaps listening to less music as apps take more of our time.

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13 Responses to “iTunes Radio beats Spotify to take 3rd place in U.S. music streaming, eyes up #2 spot”

  1. Does anyone know if this research is looking only at Spotify’s radio feature or Spotify’s overall usage? I find it hard to believe that more people are using iTunes Radio than using Spotify for on-demand streaming.


    • Jonny says:

      I think it’s neither, it’s people filling out surveys and saying what they use (as opposed to using actual data from the services). The questions in the survey (from reading the source link) seem like they’re saying that they asked which online audio service they listened to. I would expect the respondents would say “Spotify” regardless of if it was on-demand or radio but the results don’t specify that.


  2. Jamie Aquila says:

    This reminded me to cancel my Pandora account. Cheers.


  3. Can’t say anything about iTunes Radio because I have not used it due to the fact Spotify is fantastic.


  4. i still want to own my music. i use iTunes radio. but not knowing what music is coming up next is a problem for me…


  5. How is Rdio not on this? Best music discovery tools and ui out there. This data seems weak as well. If you haven’t tried Rdio you are missing out. Been using it for over a year and have all my friends on my plan which makes it only $7/month. I still buy vinyl records but for on-the-go purposes Rdio wins. iTunes radio was pathetic when I first tried it and kept repeating songs.


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  7. Interesting. I use Sirius XM streaming mostly and switch to iTunes Radio from time to time. I wonder why Sirius didn’t qualify to be on the report?