Dropbox announced today that Mailbox, the popular gesture-heavy email client it bought last year, will soon be launching a desktop version of its software.

The company also announced a set of new features like Dropbox account sign in and syncing and delete automation coming soon to the iPhone and iPad versions that will debut first in a version available for Android; this marks the first time the email software will be available on another platform aside from iOS as Mailbox is available on the Google Play Store today.

Users interested in using the beta version of Mailbox for OS X (screenshot preview below), which is said to be very minimal and rely on the trackpad for gesture-based interactions, can sign up on Mailbox’s website to learn more about the upcoming beta.

While Mailbox first debuted as an iPhone-only email app with support limited to Gmail, it has since released a native app for iPad users and added iCloud and Yahoo email support as well.

The OS X version of Mailbox will likely come as a relief to many Gmail users on the Mac platform at Apple’s native Mail application has continuously been plagued with countless issues regarding Gmail.


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10 Responses to “Mailbox goes beyond iOS, now available on Android and coming soon to OS X”

  1. Mailbox, a poor app for mailing…


    • totencough says:

      The best app for email organization, inbox zero (feels so good), and emailing. Sure, it doesn’t do snail mail too well, but hey…


  2. totencough says:

    Huzzah! Been crossing my fingers for the OS X version for a while. And Auto-Swipe?!


  3. hopefully they’ll add support for IMAP accounts :-)


  4. The only dislike I have with Mailbox for iOS is the inability to swipe and organize emails to my previous folders, instead I’m forced to either recreate all my folders within the app itself or use the preloaded ones which do not fit my needs.


  5. How do I get my existing (30+) OSX archived Apple Mailboxes to appear on my iPhone? I am happy to use any combination of iOS apps and OSX apps so that I can sort and archive incoming emails into already OSX existing folder (names), and access old emails (1,000s of them) that are only on my iMac now.