While FOSS Patents’ Florian Mueller may be confident of Apple and Samsung reaching an early settlement on their patent disputes, a court-mandated update on the talks seems to tell a different story, with each side explaining why talks were not going well, reports The Verge.

For Apple, that includes statements made by Samsung’s lead attorney John Quinn, who referred to Apple as a “jihadist” and called the protracted trial “Apple’s Vietnam” in a pair of interviews …

Apple also complained that Samsung appeared to be looking to license Apple’s patents in order to “clone Apple products.”

Samsung, in turn, accused Apple of using its first and second court wins to dictate, rather than negotiate, settlement terms, and said that it believes Apple is attempting to “impose an obstacle” to a successful resolution.

Despite Apple last week settling its patent claims against Google, my hopes that it might be able to do the same with Samsung and move on appear, at this stage, to look a trifle optimistic.

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10 Responses to “Samsung’s lawyers calling Apple a “Jihadist” and the trial “Apple’s Vietnam” not helping settlement talks …”

  1. Tim Jr. says:

    Pride is at issue with both companies.. comments like that certainly don’t help.


  2. myke2241 says:

    those are bold words from a company that got caught steeling and lost in court.


  3. It would seem that the winner (Apple according to Samsung from the article above) normally can dictate a resolution…or the winner continues to battle if the loser does not abide by the winner’s terms.


  4. Tallest Skil says:

    If they want jihad, we’ll give them jihad.


  5. “the protracted trial “Apple’s Vietnam” in a pair of interviews …”

    Okay, so far from Apple’s prospective, if Samsung keeps paying millions like it has, and Samsung continues to violate Apple’s patents, Apple could care less how long the battle with Samsung continues. If I am Apple I’d tell them pay me now or pay me later, your choice.

    So, Samsung, your Vietnam comparison doesn’t work for you. In Vietnam the US didn’t gain anything – it loss. Apple on the other hand keeps filling it coffers with your money.


  6. yuniverse7 says:

    Of course the lawyers don’t want this dispute to end.


  7. FAME says:

    I burst out laughing over this header..


  8. rafalb177 says:

    OK. So Shamesung are called “copyists” and what they do plagiarism.