Based on the most recent verdict in Apple v. Samsung, Apple is attempting to seek a permanent injunction against any Samsung device that infringes upon its patents.

While this includes the devices that were at the center of the latest court case, it also includes “software or code capable of implementing any Infringing Feature, and/or any feature not more than colorably different therefrom,” which could be construed to mean current and even future devices.

Considering the success rate of Apple’s attempted injunctions against Android OEMs, the chances of this going through seem minimal. Judge Lucy Koh has been reluctant to grant either Samsung or Apple any type of major win over the other, and the appeals courts have been even less friendly to either company.

With Google and Apple having announced that they will not be fighting each other in court, Apple’s disputes with Samsung may also soon be resolved. While the Galaxy brand has matured into a solid competitor to the iPhone, Apple believes that Samsung built its Galaxy line by ripping off the iPhone. Regardless, it doesn’t seem likely that the courts will play ball with Apple’s latest injunction filing.

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109 Responses to “Apple wants to ban past and future Samsung devices from being sold in the US”

  1. It’s sad to see Apple’s desperation to keep market share. I can feel the panic from the executives at Apple from here. Its really sad. While Samsung has screens of all sizes, and they are waterproof, they are sitting still with this iPhone 6. The iWatch has better be the holy grail or Apple will fall off the map. It just takes 18 months for people to change phones.

    • STFU, your comments demonstrate you have no idea what is going on, and shouldn’t be commenting on this matter. Only reason you comment is to spew hate for Apple.

      • Please delete any post containing the acronym STFU, thank you moderators.

      • Not looking for a comment war, but I’ve owned all of Apple’s stuff from the last 9 years. The iPods were simple and fast, the macs are amazing. Apple has been f—ing up the last 2 years by not improving their phones. With Jelly Bean, the Play Store, screen sizes, and the fact people can just plug the phone into a computer and put some media in there without jumping through hoops makes Android more appealing to people. Apple is now appealing to 45> age groups. the iPad is great though, but if they expect me to spend 900 bucks every 18 months because every software update makes the iPad run twice as slow, they can stick it.

      • @roberthildenbrand, someone seems a little over-sensitive. I was responding to a troll, so I was not mincing words.

      • @leemahi, Apple hoops? Seriously? Seems you don’t know much about Apple products then, because it’s not NEARLY as hard as you make it sound to be. I can download data to my iPhone a LOT faster than Android, always enjoy Android owners fumbling with wires while I sit there and just say “what’s taking you so long?”

      • Does anyone disagree that adding a movie or file to iOS is harder than on Android? Moving an random file from computer to ipad SUCKS. I end up using Dropbox, but even that can take 3-5 minutes. Or email it to myself. Every time I plug in my ios device I have to wait for iTunes to open, it to check for updates, and sync for 30 seconds. I hate it. But iPad has badass touch screen response I’ll give it that.

      • Not to mention having to convert videos to mp4 and don’t get too crazy with the audio codecs.

      • exspyguy says:

        Air drop


      • File browser seems pretty damn cool. But 6 bucks? I don’t connect my ipad to a computer often enough. I have splashtop2 anywhere, AirPlayIt, iCloud music, and Dropbox to access stuff. apple should have some sort of setup like this baked in. Or maybe rightclicking on any file on your computer and press “send to ipad” would work too. But they force you to use iTunes. Until Internet speeds are gbs per second, I still want to manage my files with folders and a data cable.

    • No. The things you speak of don’t make Android more appealing. What makes Android appealing are dirt cheap phones. If you compare head to head how many of Apple’s high end handsets it sells next to Samsung’s top of the line handset it’s not even a contest. Asian markets where people can’t afford to buy an iPhone outright make it the bulk of Android handset sales. They’re also popular with many Europeans that can’t get subsidized handsets. A couple of things that provide solid clues that what I said are the case go as follows. The older versions of Android hold a substantial lead in market share over Jelly Bean even though Jelly Bean has been out for quite some time. And Apple’s huge lead in sales of music and paid apps gives you another solid indication of what people with higher incomes prefer as their phone of choice. If anyone should be concerned right now it’s the folks at Google. And not because of Apple because they don’t seem to have much interest in selling low end phones with razor thin profit margins. Windows Phone is making a slow but steady climb. And Microsoft is finally doing all the right things to force their way into the market. The advantages Android had over Windows Phone have nearly all disappeared. They’re selling phones that can be bought out right for dirt cheap. They now have all the major apps people want. And they have one thing Android doesn’t. The ability to integrate with XBox and the most popular desktop operating system in the world.

      • 2014 is the last year Apple can dick around. That’s all I’m saying. Android is pretty awesome now. A lot of people I know have already switched to Android this year or last year.

      • irelandjnr says:

        @leemahi, you think it’s all about features; it’s not. Yes, for you iOS currently has drawbacks over Android in certain regards. But those gaps will be filled eventually. Meanwhile iOS is still heaps more elegant, cleaner, more minimal and far easier to use than Android. And widgets on the home screen aren’t the answer.

        As a general rule if you want widgets on the home screen I suggest you just switch to Android and quit wasting your energy giving out on “9to5Mac”. Widgets on the home screen are an ugly and totally inelegant solution. And attention vying tiles flipping, flopping and changing like on win phone is worse. You may not want widgets on the home screen, but it you did I’m saying you’re barking up the wrong tree.

        If Apple adding working Airdrop between the Mac and possibly even windows, a weather app icon that updates hourly and another one or two tweaks most geek gripes with iOS would be silenced. At least until Samsung paid employees hound forums with a new set of topic twists. Meanwhile your S series phone will continue to make ‘bloop’ sounds, scrolling won’t quite track your finger like on iOS devices, finger print scanners will continue to give trouble, micro UBS chargers will charge at a slower rate than Lightning and won’t be reversible causing the user to constantly attempt to plug in upside down and the iPhone will gain an additional screen size.

        iOS 7 wasn’t Apple dicking around. It was Apple staring over. And the clean slate and new minimal look has forced developers hand and iOS third party apps are WAY, WAY better in the UI ease of use department now. iOS 8 will push the envelope again.

      • Are you smoking something??? Jellybean has the most market share now than any other Android version!!!! ….. And I guess you need to open your eyes to the reality, Samsung Galaxy S devices and Note devices ells in millions, head to head with iPhones. And both these brands are top of the line products and as expensive as they get. Plus, they provide best value for money, not like your Crapple with a tiny 4 inch screen, I wonder why Apple is increasing the screen size on iPhone 6 then??? Copying Samsung?? Can’t sell enough iPhones???

      • Seriously, so a plastic iPhone 5c is High End. You need a serious reality check. Oh and lets not forget these awesome IOS Updates for the iPhone. There just spot on… :/ I own a macbook air and love it, but my Samsung Note 3 Destroys any iPhone out there.

    • Tallest Skil says:

      Shut up, you complete and utter buffoon.

      • Again calling people names. What is it with you? Do you get a joy of calling people names & telling them to ” Shut up”?.

        Could you not be a little bit better on how you speak or do you say whatever you want & 9to5mac staff don’t care? Sad to see that all this is being recorded to show what true bullying is when someone says one thing & another people calls them names..

        I emailed a few local news & tech blogs to show this around. Seeing as you are the only one i see telling people to ” Shut up” & call them names & 9to5mac doesn’t do anything about it.

        Learn to at least be more civil a bit can you?

      • Tallest Skil says:

        How blind are you, exactly? Do you just not care about the quality of content? That’s the only explanation here. Either that or you’re part of the problem.

        Explain to me, right now, how Apple is desperate. Explain to me, right now, in what way Apple is panicking. Explain to me, right now, how his post isn’t completely FUD.

        If I’m wrong, as you so fervently pretend, it should be a piece of cake to publicly humiliate me. So go on. Prove he’s right.

        I’ll wait.

      • Air Burt says:

        Dimitri, you’re hilarious. Is this your first day on the Internet?

        I laugh because that’s what those “local news & tech blogs” are doing with your email. Calling this bullying is insulting to people (like myself) who have endured actual bullying. Please take your ignorance elsewhere.

    • @leemahi Apple /has/ maintained marketshare. Nobody makes more money in the smartphone business than Apple. (Nor does any other vendor have such a vast, well-honed platform, top to bottom.) This is an effort to punish those who rip off Apple, and it’s completely appropriate action.

      • Since the Nexus 5 came out, the phones are on equal footing now. If Apples watch can check all my vitals, I wouldn’t think twice about getting an iPhone 6. If not, come to papa stock Android.

      • Air Burt says:

        @leemahi the Nexus 5 has little to do with what he just said. It makes Google/LG very little money and they haven’t sold nearly as many as the iPhone 5S. Apple’s platform is still better.

    • Try using Documents by Readdle, or VLC, both have native and awesome WiFi dropbox ability, and it works like a charm. iTunes hasn’t been needed for file syncing for a while now.

    • herb02135go says:

      Between the dirty laundry aired during the trial, the failures/bugs of ios 6 and 7 (and their updates) and so on it’s not been a good couple of years for Apple and its shills here.

    • why do people seem to want to just curse when someone gives an opinion. lee speaks a good opinion. apple is falling. and they are scared. yes they are still billions of dollars ahead but its falling and falling. why do others need to act like hooligans to disagree with this? if you disagree then be civilized about it

  2. Remember, apples success is not based on making good products or certainly not innovation, its just a fad. So like all fads, it will pass. And I cant wait for that day.

    • irelandjnr says:

      Of course you can’t wait for that day. It’ll make your job working for Samsung easier. Stop lying and get a real job. How’s the shitty finger scanner on your s5 going? Or that scrolling that won’t track your finger accurately? Or that crappy build quality? Or those rubbish copy cat products and features? Or that terribly slow to charge non-reversible charger? Or those incredibly annoying bloop to unlock sounds? Or the general aroma of uselessness coming from Samsung itself.

      Do yourself a favour and do some reading:

      • How’s the shitty finger scanner on your s5 going?

        Works fine every time. I hear more complaints from people with an iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner. Plus, since we have capacitive button, phone cases will never be in the way or on top of the scanner.

        Or that scrolling that won’t track your finger accurately?

        Never have had this problem before. However, I have used iPhones quite a bit (my mother has an iPhone 5S) and those are more jumpy than anything.

        Or that crappy build quality?

        I’ll give you a point here. It’s not metal- and that feels premium. But who DOESN’T put a case on their phone? So if I’m just putting a case on, I’m not going to see a lesser product. Also, I’d rather have a plastic back that won’t become noticeably scratched. And that is easy to replace if needed. And can actually come off, giving me access to both my battery and to space for expandable memory.

        Or those rubbish copy cat products and features?

        Like notification menus? Oops sorry. We had that first. Multitasking? Oops sorry. We’ve had that since V1, not to mention that on my Galaxy S5, I can do TRUE multitasking by having two windows on my screen. Or maybe you’re talking about opening apps from the lock screen (such as messages)? Yeah, that was us too. Even something that would be almost a joke NOT to have- yeah we’ve always had customizable wallpapers. Apple not so much. LED flash? Not apple. And God FORBID we have CHOICES as to what kind of product we want. So I fail to see rubbish copycat products in features, especially since this whole list was comprised of things Android did before Apple.

        Or that terribly slow to charge non-reversible charger?

        A) I can confirm with 100% no bias here, my phone will charge faster than any phone. Especially an iPhone. It’s call a B-shaped USB 3.0 charger.

        B) doesn’t need to be reversible. The B-shape gives it an obvious direction as to which way to plug it in.

        C) darn it. You forgot your charger at home? People around you only have a FILTHY USB 2.0 CHARGER??? The madness!!! Oh wait. USB 3.0 B-shaped is BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE! Oh my gosh we are truly privileged to have such a convenience!

        Or those incredibly annoying bloop to unlock sounds?

        Good thing I can easily disable those… Or even (Steve Jobs forbid) CHANGE them!

        Or the general aroma of uselessness coming from Samsung itself.

        Yes. That’s exactly what I’ve sensed from them. How useless to implement water resistance into a main line of phones. How useless to improve camera qualities. How useless to work on a smart watch- something apple hasn’t even done.

    • Tallest Skil says:

      Enjoy being a complete idiot.

      • Again here we got. Calling someone a ” Idiot”. Hopefully when i show this around, 9to5mac will be spammed with messages asking them to remove filth & Bullying posts like yours.

        No matter how much you hate their posts & they dont make sense, you have no right to call them names. Is this how your mom & dad raised you? Guess not so act mature like you are supposed to me.

      • Tallest Skil says:

        My parents raised me not to lie. Also not to be an idiot.

        So when I see someone say, “Apples success is not based on making good products or certainly not innovation, its just a fad,” I tend to call that out as a lie. And idiocy.

        Your rebuttal in this regard can only be read to mean that you agree with him. In which case, you’re as big an imbecile as he is.

        Or maybe I’m wrong. Maybe you can prove that Apple does not make good products. Maybe you can prove that Apple has never innovated. Maybe you can prove that Apple is a fad.

        So go ahead. Stop being an imbecile. Prove me wrong.

    • Apple wouldn’t be the success it is if it didn’t make /great/ products.

    • Looks like we have another paid Samsung shill here folks. Pay no attention to him and move along, he’ll eventually get bored of the lack of attention and move somewhere else.

  3. Marklewood at Serenity Lodge says:

    I can’t speak for anyone else. But, I tire of all these lawsuits. Just be better than your competition, make a great product for a good price, and you can’t go wrong. If your whole marketing scheme depends on the outcome of petty lawsuits, you won’t last and the public will begin to notice you aren’t paying attention to making a reliable product at a consistently reasonable price any more.

    • Apple, like any other company, has every and full right to defend their intellectual property from theft and misuse. Based on commentary from Samsung counsel, it’s clear they have no intention of properly licensing tech from Apple, so I hope they make an example out of them to the world and work towards bans.

      • Every phone company, hell 9/10 of all the tech companies should then be sued by those possessing the rights to both Star Wars and Star Trek. Because much of the tech we have today, are versions depicted from these TV shows and the imaginations of those writers.

      • irelandjnr says:

        Fortunately what you are referring to were never products and never actually worked either. It’s called imagination and acting.

      • Tallest Skil says:

        Sorry, Edison, but WordPress is worthless.

        YO. ROBERT. You’re an imbecile. Leave discussions of intellectual property to people who have intellect and property.

    • People with comments like yours always amuse me. According to what you said, you think that Apple consists of about 2 people who take care of everything and when there’s a lawsuit, they have no time for creating a new stuff.

    • How about you start your own business and have someone steal your ideas and business after you’ve worked for years perfecting some product and we’ll see if you simply say, “Let bygones be bygones.” Hardly. I’ll bet you’d want to rip them a new one. People have been killed for far less. I’ve seen factions go to war over who controls a particular street corner.

  4. rettun1 says:

    So much for the court battles being over… Begun, the clone war has.

    But I think the argument has merit. Better to go after features/code that infringe on IP rather than specific devices, which in this market can become irrelevant in 3-4 years.

  5. Its official, no agreement to settle patent disputes outside of court.

    • We’re you really expecting a company like Samsung with ZERO ethics or morals to negotiate in good faith? Those negotiations we’re dead before they walked into the conference room.

      • Tallest Skil says:

        Rather, I don’t think the rumored settlement was ever going to happen in the first place. It makes sense on some level (though I disagree) for Apple and Google to settle the Motorola trial now that Google has sold Motorola (lol, failure), but AvS can end only one way.

      • herb02135go says:

        … because Jobs was so ethical when he conspired to deny his emoloyees the right to take their skills to other companies. Allegedly.
        Apple is like all other corporations. And these lawsuits are airing a lot of dirty laundry.

      • Herb, I think you need to go back to troll school, because as one, you don’t even do it well. You’re supposed to be subtle, not a blunt hammer.

    • What motivation does Samsung have to settle, when many of its infringing activities are indemnified by Google and those that aren’t are aided by a slow, ponderous judicial system?

  6. Just look at the latest story about Samsung coming up with VR glasses. Unlike Occulus and Sony who have said they are not selling a product to consumers until their systems are ready, Samsung has said they are going to sell cheap hardware as soon as they can manufacture it in order to grab the low-cost market.

    • Samsung is all about spamming the market with cheap crap in order to claim market share and shove everyone else out of the market. They are a cancer.

      • I had a friend that started the company Fingerworks, which sold giant track pads that took the place of both a keyboard and a mouse. And his experience was that PC users wouldn’t pay more than $20 for a keyboard or mouse. Apple users gladly paid the $100+ for their device. So Apple customers become their best customers. I would say that people who buy Samsung devices are like those PC users, they don’t want to pay extra for quality. Samsung recognizes that and is targeting them as its customers. Just look at their highest end, new Galaxy phone. Its being panned by most of the press as having really nice hardware but miserable software. I don’t quite understand how hardware can be good if the software you actually use stinks. How can you evaluate the hardware, if you’re user experience sucks. Occulus and Sony are treading the path that software is just as, if not more, important than the hardware. Otherwise a computer is just a box that goes beep, beep, beep. Sadly, a lot of consumers are going to waste a lot of money before they learn that lesson. Can’t blame Samsung for wanting to make a buck.

      • True, a LOT of people I’ve spoken with who’ve bought Samsung phones did so because they were cheap, or being given away for $0 on 24 month contract terms. When asked why they’d sacrifice the quality UX for a piece of crap, again the price was the deciding factor, and many say it was worth it, or that the choppiness and issues didn’t actually bother them.

        I remember once I was on the bus, and the lady next to me pulled out a Galaxy S4 Mini, and when she went to turn it on, it rebooted on her. I asked her about it, and she said it’s always done so. I told you probably have a lemon and should replace it, to which she answered that was her third unit! Then I said why don’t you just cut your losses and get a iPhone, her response was because the iPhone is not free, and she doesn’t want to spend money. I then I said so you don’t want to spend a penny but lose countless hours watching your phone reboot? She again agreed that was ok, at which point the conversation ended with me shaking my head in disgust.

        Some consumers just don’t give a hoot, as long as it’s dirt cheap. Those are the consumers Samsung is targeting, and whom they can have. Imagine if people like that were the majority of Apple customers, they’re app and music stores would go quiet.

      • herb02135go says:

        A cancer that’s already offering features rumored to be on the next crApple phone.

      • @herb02135go I did a google search on your handle, and every single link that came up was a pot-shot post on an Apple news article. Can you honestly say that you don’t work for Samsung PR firm or the Korean government?

      • Hey Herb, I see you mimic your hero’s over at Scamsung quite well, you spam the comments with as much cancerous anti-Apple propaganda as you can before bing hauled away in chains.

        Time for you to GTFO.

  7. Dave Huntley says:

    Since they will cut back, asking for more than they expect likely makes sense.

    Samsung is so horrible it tried to quiet the families of those it killed at a chip plant. Just like with the copycat paperwork being exposed at samsung, the company only changed face when someone made a movie exposing how they tried to cover it up.

    I have a samsung TV, will never buy anything samsung again, not so much because they rip people off, but they try to hide their industrial accidents and punish those who survived and the families of those who did not.

    SHAMEsung should be their name. Blood on every phone, literally.

  8. Oflife says:

    Let’s assume they win, currently, the best Android phone on the market based on user satisfaction is the Sony Xperia Z2, followed by the HTC One & One M8. Way superior in all aspected than the 5s, but more importantly, nicer looking than the Samsung Galaxy S5. And the Sony is waterproof, has a larger display, a real camera shutter release, an FM Radio, a clean thoughtful built of Android and a lot more. So, if Samsung vanish of the planet, Samsung fans have plenty of superior alternatives.

    • THIS ^

      I got my wife the Sony Xperia Z Ultra as she wanted a do-all phablet, and a co-worker recently got the Z1, and whilst not a Android fan, if I were forced to use it, the Z1 or 2 would be my weapon of choice. What a nice phone! I’m sure the Z2 is even better.

      Sony did an excellent job on these, and the only thing hurting these devices is the lack of marketing.

  9. bigern75 says:

    Edison you crack me up. You little 12 yo apple fan boy. hahahahaha

    • irelandjnr says:

      He’s a bit of a zealot for sure, but you are aware what site you are on? Take some time off your job at Samsung corporate and get some sleep.

    • Tallest Skil says:

      This is how insecure Samsung fans actually are.

    • Was wondering how long until the immature, paid Samsung blogging shills made their way here to begin bashing those who support Apple. Go back to working at Samsung, hope you don’t get leukaemia whilst working there, because then you’ll need to go deal with Samsung’s goon squad at your family’s front door.

  10. Pretty clear to me what it’s all about. Apple is merely trying to drive home a message. Keep cloning our shit and we’ll be a bigger thorn in your side than you ever thought possible. Not sure how effective it will be though. Asian technology companies as a whole aren’t known for innovation. They generally do just what Samsung has.

    • irelandjnr says:

      Well Samsung’s mantra has been copy, copy, copy, lie, cheat, steal, delay and countersue. Financially it seems to be working out for them. Crime only pays when you’re a big corporation.

  11. Tallest Skil says:

    Good. Burn them to the ground.

  12. drtyrell969 says:

    Just imagine being stuck in the past with iPhone. Horrid thought.

    • Then don’t, go get stuck in the future of Android where gyroscopes are being faked, games don’t work right, the devices need anti virus apps because they are the number 1 target for malware, and you NEVER get any security updates and get your identity stolen.

      • zeromeus says:

        Well said! Fandroids don’t really value their privacy, so let them be. Hopefully, they’ll eventually crawl to Apple when all anyone needs to do to hunt them down is use google search… and google will lead their head hunter straight to them thanks to their tracking device called android. The EU ruled for people’s right to be forgotten… I hope the U.S. will do the same.

      • Bedros Demir says:

        Oh god your so right apple would have been a sony psp2 if it wasnt for google get your head out of your ass. ITs true everything you said but realize that samsung and google have helped in so many ways like giving people what they need. If samsung goes down all these things you noted will happen to apple so dont think apple will be more secure it will become more vulnerable.

    • Whenever I see a Galaxy phone, I see the past–a past when stuff doesn’t work, when bugs don’t get fixed, when electronics are ugly and poorly made. It’s like Windows 98 all over again, Korean style.

      • Couldn’t have said it better myself!

      • drtyrell969 says:

        Clearly you know nothing about the current state of Android. Customers are celebrating their migrations to Androids in the millions, and it’s due to the completely opposite experience you’ve noted. Galaxy Note 3 is superior to anything Apple has planned for two years.

      • What’s to celebrate? The loss of apps, the loss of stability, the loss of security updates, the loss of quality? Samsung’s latest and greatest S5 and Note 3 are quad-core and run at clock frequencies nearly double that of the iPhone 5s and iPad Air, yet they’re barely faster than the 5s and Air despite the latter having only 2 cores. In single-core benchmarks, the 5s and Air absolutely trounce the best Samsung has to offer 8 months later. And Samsung hasn’t a clue how to migrate to 64-bit.

  13. Upon hearing this, I’d like to quote the immortal words of Captain Jon Luc Picard of the starship Enterprise, “Make it so, Number One.

    Both Japan and S. Korea government in the past have wanted to try to keep foreign goods out of their countries so that the local manufacturers would thrive. So, it’s not like this is the first time something like this has been proposed. Hey, Samsung would still have the whole rest of the world to sell their goods to, so it’s not like they’re being put out business. Besides, as long as Samsung is willing to strip out the necessary code and simply reserve engineer it another way, I doubt Samsung devices would be kept out of the U.S. for any serious length of time.

  14. Air Burt says:

    Make them run back crying to their mommies.

  15. zeromeus says:

    I can’t wait for this injunction to take place. Let’s get rid of the leech before it sucks all the blood out of the good companies like it did to others such as Pioneer, Sharp, Kodak, Dyson, et al.

    Not only should their phones be banned, so should everything else they made including but not limited to television, vacuum, phone, washer/dryer, range, microwave, etc. EVERYTHING SHAMESUNG should be banned. It’s too late for a settlement. It’s time to send shamesung a clear message that we don’t have to put up with them.

  16. astrothousand98 says:

    I’m amazed by how quickly and brutally people attack even a hint of criticism on Apple.

    Sure on Android loved sites I see the same, but it’s usually after a few soft blows before things get heated and even so they’re faster to admit mistakes. At least giving some respect to Apple prodcuts. While the meee mention of anything non-Apple on here has a lot of people with Pitchforks in hand.

    I’m not even including how the companies play it out, but the vast difference in fans. Android can have dicks and fanboys on there site, but also have a fair share of users that can respect and be humble enough to realize mistakes.

    In my experience with most of Apple loved sites is that most newbies or older posters quickly throw tantrums or throw vulgarity as a first means of defense to a non-attacking commenter.

    I personnally use both Apple or Android yet funny thing is I find myself asking for help on my iPhone problems on Android forums and getting faster replies and help then when I’m on sites like this.

  17. Guys, I want to ask you for a favour. Please, tell something to this dummie that posted last comment in the post here I would explode at him totally, he’s so dumb.

  18. wow, so many Same-soon’g trolls in the comments

  19. After reading these comments, I’ll try to leave an unbiased opinion here.

    1. Apple has slowed down. Its recent products are just iterations of older ones. (This is true for other companies as well.) It’s interesting to see how much they are banking on the iwatch to respark that innovation of theirs, and how much they might need these lawsuits.

    2. Of course, it may just be Apple trying to stop a crappy company from stealing their ideas. Samsung as a company is pretty bad. However, none of these patents relate to stock Android (which is why Apple stopped lawsuits with Google/Motorola.)

    3. Android and iOS have different markets for a reason. Android is cheaper, and has more options (which can lead to issues, granted.) Apple is simpler, and as of iOS7, has a cleaner (but not without bugs!) interface.

    4. Both companies need to fix their crap. Samsung needs to stop copying and Apple needs a exciting new product to maintain the lead they have. Because eventually those “dirt cheap” Android phones of Samsung’s will be able to compare to the iPhone, and what then?

    5. As someone who has a Mac, a Nexus phone/tablet, and previously used an iPhone for years, I really don’t understand the bias and the hate between iOS and Android. It’s like a orange and a pineapple: both are fruits sold at the grocery store, and they have different uses as food. But saying you hate pineapple because you like to eat oranges is a silly thing, right?

    • Your comments have some merit, especially as pertains to Samsung. However IMHO Apple has not slowed down. The general public simply has no idea how laborious and risky it is to conduct solid, pioneering research and development. Samsung has spent hundreds of millions of dollars a year just on advertising, to suggest that merely throwing crap on a wall (to see what sticks) is a meritorious, long-term business plan.
      Samsung will likely not stop copying Apple, as evidenced by the company’s unwillingness to sign a license agreement with Apple in which it vows not to copy. This is apparently the only major roadblock to settlement. Apple would likely stop asking high licensing fees if Samsung would agree to stop copying.

  20. nobodyatwp says:

    Of all three of these patent wins, I cannot understand HOW ON EARTH each cannot be considered extremely obvious and therefore not possible to patent:

    Infringement Verdicts
    The jury found that Samsung infringed on the following Apple patents:

    Patent 5,946,647 — Apple’s “data detectors” that transform typed text (such as email addresses) into actionable links
    Patent 8,046,721 — Gesture-based unlock screen (“slide to unlock”); only some devices were found to infringe this patent
    Patent 8,074,172 — Deals with how autocorrect suggests words

  21. tijeladeacai says:

    Here at home we have two MacBooks Air, Time Capsule, Airport Extreme, Airport Express and Apple TV. Pretty much the “Apple ecosystem”.
    My wife just got a Galaxy S5 after using iPhones for years. I have a Galaxy Note 3.
    We will never go back to iPhone. Never.

    Better displays, bigger displays, better battery life, wireless charging, removable battery, microSD, better cameras, IR blaster, Wifi Direct for sharing files, NFC, USB 3.0…. the list is huge.

    For me iPhone became irrelevant and like someone here wrote, 2014 will be the last year for iPhone.

    • Air Burt says:

      You’re an idiot if you think the iPhone won’t be relevant after this year. Enjoy your inferior devices.

      • tijeladeacai says:

        It’s already irrelevant. Go for a walk and look around. People are switching to Android. Sorry to burst your bubble.

      • Air Burt says:

        Further proof you’re an idiot. There are people switching both ways; doesn’t make either one irrelevant. As far as anecdotal evidence, 90% of the people I know and see have iPhones.

      • If you think these aforementioned features make a phone inferior to an iPhone, then why don’t you list why the iPhone is better for each of them (ie the iPhones smaller screen is better becuase…). Then, you’d have a chance to convince me to switch to Apple like all the other people you claim are switching from Android to Apple.

  22. Andrew John says:

    Its quite clear why Apple want future bans. Samescum have a long history of dumping a marketplace with cloned products with stolen IP. Just ask Pioneer how their TV devision is going these days. Samescum copied Pioneer LCD Television technology outright. Pioneer took them to court. Samescum counter sued (as they always do to draw out the litigation while dumping cheap clones on the market in order to kill it). By the time the jury found Samescum guilty of stealing Pioneer television technology, Pioneer was forced to shut the division down and sack 10,000 workers. We all know what samsung are, they’ve been doing it to Japanese companies for decades.

    To all the trolls who root for samsung so blindly, they have to come to Apple user forums to spread their FUD. To you, all I can say is, be careful what you wish for. And if that wish is to have all competition destroyed in favour of your beloved company, then expect your children to be unemployed in any country other than Korea. And if you doubt my comments, I challenge you to read an expose on the most crooked company to draw breath on this earth.

  23. Im all for it right now since Samsung wont stand behind its products to work as advertised there is no room for them in the US.
    #S5isaripoff #falseadvertising #shameonsamsung #dontbuys5