Slipping shipping times for iMacs on Apple’s site may support a timeline released last month by KGI Research analyst Ming-Chi Kuo indicating that new, lower-cost iMacs could be launched this quarter.

Apple usually quotes 24 hours for delivery of standard-configuration iMacs, but is currently showing 3-5 business days across the range. Increased shipping times are sometimes an indication of lower or sporadic stocks, which tend to precede the launch of new models. With WWDC just one week away, that would be a logical time to announce them … 


It’s slim evidence, and may mean nothing more than random supply variations. If Apple does indeed have new iMacs in the pipeline, it’s likely these are a relatively modest update, in line with the one recently seen on the MacBook Air range, where they got a minor processor bump and a $100 price reduction across the range.

As AppleInsider notes, the shortages are only at Apple and other retailers have immediate stock (though Best Buy is running a $300 off sale)

Kuo tends to be a reliable source in terms of what Apple has planned, though his record on timings is variable. All the same, if you were planning to buy a new Mac in the next few days, it would worth holding off until WWDC to find out.

WWDC would also be a great time for Apple to release a 4K Thunderbolt display and a 4K iMac to go with it.

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10 Responses to “Slipping shipping times may support analyst prediction of new, cheaper iMacs launching at WWDC”

  1. zoidbert says:

    My wife just got a new iMac a week ago (business purchase, not personal) so it’s pretty much a given that new iMacs are going to land next week. :-)


  2. Erik Vabrit says:

    What about the Mac Mini? It is in desperate need of an upgrade. Please and Thank you Apple


    • J.latham says:

      The Mac Mini is most likely dead to upgrades. I can’t see them pulling it along much longer without a price drop. I think we’re going to see a 799-899 iMac at WWDC with a slightly smaller screen. Maybe 20 inch with a slower processor and 4GB or RAM and 500GB HDD that will replace the mini. Then the current iMac being moved to 24 inch.
      That would honestly have a lot more adopters then the mini ever did.


  3. Rob Elliott says:

    and if they will be cheaper its unlikely they will not have 4K display. Where is that darn 4K thunderbolt display??


  4. patstar5 says:

    Apple start making me want to come back to you! (Anyone know where I can get a 500gb ssd drive for under $250 for my mid 2010 13 inch macbook pro.)


  5. CJ Sheets says:

    And just as I paid off my $1800 iMac I bought in December. Right on time. haha


  6. I want a Mac Mini with a real video card instead of the crappy Intel Graphics currently being used.