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Xcode 6 includes new iOS Simulator features that allow developers to resize the simulated screen for any arbitrary resolution. 9to5Mac first reported this was imminent in May.

Although the feature is very temperamental in the first beta, it clearly leads the way to a future with a much more diverse lineup of screen resolutions. This allows developers to test for future iOS devices that do not exist today — such as 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch iPhones for example.

9to5Mac also reported that Apple was working on iPhones with screens featuring resolutions of 1704×960. This new ‘multi resolution’ feature should help developers prepare for the future, even without Apple explicitly acknowledging new form factors are in the works.

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2 Responses to “Xcode 6 features resizable iPhone and iPad simulators, leading the way for iPhones with new screen resolutions”

  1. Ryan DeRocco says:

    That makes me pretty happy. About 2 months ago I couldn’t take the small screen anymore, and switched to an HTC One M8. Honestly, I’m just waiting for a bigger screen iPhone, and I’ll switch back. I know we’ve seen evidence of a bigger screen, but this is the best yet.

    Also, pretty impressed with iOS 8. I’ve always JailBroken my devices, and it seems most of the tweaks I use have been added in this release. I hope it doesn’t affect the JB community too much though, I still want my free tethering!


  2. yatch999 says:

    Hi, I’ve just follow you via twitter and write article in my site (Japanese).
    You’re so fast information catcher!

    Resizable means…TV? Watch? This possibility is not only iPhone screen.
    I’m also developer, build more as well!