Update: Explanation of lock screen apps after the break…

Since Apple previewed iOS 8 yesterday during the keynote at WWDC, we’ve been continually trying out the new iPhone and iPad software to get familiar with the changes coming to users this fall. First up is a new way for apps to be promoted on the iPhone using subtle location-based prompts. Similar to how the lock screen features an icon and a swipe up gesture from the lower right corner of the display to quickly access the Camera app, several users are reporting a variety of apps are being featured on the lower left corner prompted by being near a relevant venue.

For instance, in the screen shot displayed above on the left, the user is visiting an Apple Store and an App Store icon appears in the lower left corner. Swiping up from the bottom acts as a shortcut to quickly access the Apple Store app within the App Store. Once installed, the Apple Store app icon then appears on the lock screen when visiting the retailer. While it’s not certain which specific perimeters must be met for this functionality to work, the commonality between other supported App Store apps including Starbucks and ShopSavvy is location.


Other apps such as Cinemark (see on the right) have also been noted as appearing on the lock screen this way. It’s likely that this is simply the new way iOS displays Passbook and other location-aware notifications, rather than as a banner on the lock screen.

Another interesting feature of this is when the app shortcut is available on the lock screen, a separate card persistently appears in the multitasking view for further access. Perhaps most important to note is that none of the compatible apps have required updating through the App Store to deliver support signaling the use of existing features to implement this particular iOS 8 feature.

Next on the list of notable changes in the iOS 8 beta preview is the lack of support for Apple’s iPhoto image editing software. While some but not all of its featured are now found in the stock Photos app, it seems Apple has intentionally disabled support for iPhoto for iOS at least during the initial iOS 8 beta period.

When prompted to launch, the system displays the dialog box shown above stating that editing and sorting has moved to the Photos app. The Photos app does not, however, match feature parity with iPhoto for iOS so it would be surprising to see it not regain support for iOS 8 before lunch albeit possible with upcoming changes to how photos are managed as we’ve already covered.

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 2.28.31 PM

While it doesn’t say much about the fate of iPhoto for iOS going forward, Apple does list the lack of support on iOS 8 beta as a known issue: “iPhoto for iOS will not launch on iOS 8 Beta. Launching Photos.app will migrate your iPhoto edits to the iOS 8 Photo Library. Make sure your iPhoto for iOS data is included in your device backup.” A new Photos app for Mac was previewed yesterday at WWDC and set to be released in 2015.

Aside from the addition of powerful editing features in the stock Photos app, a number of organizational changes are present as well. For instance, Recently Added has replaced the Camera Roll. A separate Recently Deleted album is also present, although it only lists certain deleted images and videos rather than acting as a persistent trash can of sorts.


Lastly, it appears Apple has disabled the ability to leave reviews for apps on the App Store while using the iOS 8 beta. Assuming this is a change only during the beta period and not a more telling sign of what’s to come with iOS 8, this is likely a feature and not a bug as several apps break while iOS previews are still in beta and result is undue critical reviews. iOS 8 will be available in the fall giving Apple time to work out the rough edges and developers time to guarantee compatibility with the software.

U: It looks the the app shortcuts on the lock screen falls under the umbrella of Apps Near Me and Continuity, which is a major feature in iOS 8, as seen below.

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 9.13.17 AM

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22 Responses to “iOS 8: Lock screen app shortcuts, iPhoto changes, & App Store reviews”

  1. my iphone displayed the Bank of America app home page shortcut this morning while I was inside a branch


  2. Will Redwood says:

    But how can you disable the app shortcuts feature? I don’t like the idea of being constantly tracked for this, and turning off location services for the App Store seems to have no effect.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Disabling app store reviews in the beta is brilliant. Too many non devs leaving bad reviews for apps when it’s not their fault.


  4. Liam Deckham says:

    I store a lot of photos on my iPhone that I do not necessarily want on every device and the same with my iPad. Will I have to upload everything to this new cloud system, or do you think it will only apply to new pictures?
    I just cannot figure out how this will apply to stored photos, especially if they represent a lot of space.


  5. pelon1071 says:

    “support for iOS 8 before lunch…” Lunch or launch?


  6. I have installed both iOS 8 and OS X yosemite on respective devices, and receive none of the images at the bottom of my phone. Whether its walk into the apple store, starbucks, or even the continuity feature between apps for OS X and iOS. Does anyone know how to enable these features?


    • chrisrod09 says:

      I as well have installed both iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, I still to this day have not been able to get handoff to work or any type of continuity to work. I did find that the only option that could be enabled is when you go to system preferences/general/ and there’s a option towards the end where it describes to enable handoff for this Mac and any device you might own. Other than that, still was not able to find anything to work with continuity


    • bergfather says:

      I have both of them installed as well and am unable to get handoff or continuity to work Is this just because the beats are not fully capable yet it has someone been able to make them work??


  7. telecastle says:

    If they kill iPhoto for both iOS and OS X, I will be happy. There’s too many overlapping features when it comes to icloud and photo transferring from one device to another. For example, Shared PhotoStreams on the Photos app vs Web Journals on the iPhoto. Airdrop in Photos vs Woreless Beaming in iPhoto. AppleTV cannot access Web Journals, but it can Shared PhotoStreams. It’s like two separate teams were working on these two apps without coordinating with each other what they were doing. Apple should combine features from both apps and come up with one way to share photos with others. Since Airdrop will now work among all Apple devices, Wireless Beaming can be retired. Apple just needs to decide on whether they are going to name shared photos and videos Shared Photo Streams or Web Journals, and kill the other option. Once they add all photo-editing features to Photos, iPhoto can be killed on both platforms. I can’t wait for them to clean up this mess.


  8. SpiderDice says:

    Yet another featured ripped from Android. Get your own ideas Apple!


  9. Cliff Harris says:

    “specific perimeters”? I think you meant “specific parameters”.

    Every time I upgrade my iOS it scrambles my photos. My albums disappeared an now I have “Recently Added”. They used to be grouped by date, but now they’re grouped by location. Most of the pictures I took at home are shown as the city I live in but some are shown as a local neighborhood. I’d like to change the location to “Home”, but haven’t figured out how to do that. Is there a setting for “Home” in Locations?


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