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iOS 8 uses peer-to-peer technology to stream video to Apple TV, as described by Apple on a page highlighting enterprise features.

Today, AirPlay requires both devices connect to the same WiFi network before they can communicate.

With iOS 8, the network is cut out completely and the iOS device directly talks to the Apple TV with a peer-to-peer connection. AirDrop uses the same peer-to-peer technology, for convenience reasons.

The peer-to-peer feature could come in handy in enterprise contexts, such as when doing a presentation in a meeting, as well as elsewhere. For instance, players could setup a multiplayer iPhone game without ever needing to connect to the network, avoiding the hassle of entering WiFi passwords and such.

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24 Responses to “iOS 8 uses peer-to-peer connections for AirPlay to Apple TV, no longer needs a network”

  1. J.latham says:

    Probably unable to tell until they update the remote app, but any news if it can work without wifi as well?


  2. Will this remove the requirement of having a home internet connection? Do you think I could cancel my internet subscription and just stream netflix from my phone?


  3. rtd5943 says:

    While this is a great feature and I welcome it, this could cause some privacy concerns. If have your Apple TV on essentially anyone could take control and start to display whatever they like. Maybe they will add some sort of “allowed devices” list or passcode authentication.


  4. Will this be an update to the apple TV’s OS or is the feature already there but unused? (sorry if this is the stupid question of the week).


  5. ron837192 says:

    I wonder if this will also work for AirPlay music streaming. I have an Airport Express in my master bathroom, and if I use my iPhone to AirPlay to those speakers, the audio always cuts out. I suspect it is because the router is a bit far away, and the double hop (iPhone –> router –> Airport Express) kills it. I can stream iMac (wired LAN) –> router –> Airport Express with no problem at all.


  6. AppleTV, and by extension the iPad, was pretty useless as a presentation tool in the corporate world before, so this is welcome news indeed. In fact this really should have been the way the very first iteration of AirPlay worked and it really should be back ported all the way back to iOS6.


  7. Jack Elliott says:

    Can someone let me know how does this technology work? If I am not on the same network – how do these devices talk to each other? As far as I am aware, Apple TV does not have Bluetooth. So does it mean that Apple TV becomes an access point and I connect to it instead? I guess this is what it is because otherwise this wouldn’t have been listed on the enterprise section of Apple’s website.


  8. I’m assuming this technology would not work for 4S users since we have no airdrop/p2p connection capabilities on our phone


  9. Updated my ipad 2 to IOS8. Working in a school with 1-on-1 ipad, I was unable to get the airplay to work properly. Airplay button was visible less than half of the time and as it became visible, not all the classrooms where in the list or appeared/disappeared while scrolling down. After lots of waiting and trying, even shutting down the IPad and restarting a wificonnection, I managed to get airplay to work for two times in two different classrooms, but only for a short while. Before the upgrade everything worked very well. I wish I could downgrade again, as I can’t use it for teaching at the moment. We have two separate wifi networks, one for teachers that are able to connect to the apple tv and one for the students. What do I have to do to make it work again?