We previously reviewed the first Made-for-iPhone/iPad “Stratus” controller launched by SteelSeries and today the company announced a full-sized version with the introduction of Stratus XL:

Steel-Series-XL-controller-01The Stratus XL Wireless Gaming Controller features a console-style layout with a pressure-sensitive directional pad (D-pad), 4 pressure-sensitive action buttons along with a total of 4 shoulder buttons – 2 pressure-sensitive top shoulder buttons and 2 analog trigger bottom shoulder buttons. In addition to dual analog sticks, Stratus XL includes a dedicated pairing button to connect to iOS devices via Bluetooth and a convenient on/off switch to save on power. The Stratus XL will deliver an estimated 40 hours of gameplay with two standard AA batteries; a battery life indicator is located on the underside of the device.

The controller also includes red LED indicator lights that show up to 4 controllers connected to a single device for multiplayer.

The Stratus XL controller is coming later this year but there is no word on pricing yet. Here’s to hoping the larger size improves on some of the issues we had with the last controller. You can see a size comparison of the two controllers to the right.

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9 Responses to “SteelSeries announces full-sized Made-for-iPhone/iPad bluetooth game controller”

  1. mpias3785 says:

    It would help sales if the controller supported OS X as well as iOS.


    • dman238 says:

      Completely agree. I would be (and I suspect A LOT of other people would be) willing to spend $80 to $100 on a Bluetooth MFi Controller if it worked cross-platform between the Mac and iOS. I have a sneaking suspicion that the “game forwarding” technology that was just announced at the WWDC, we will see cross-platform compatibility with these MFi Controllers with the release of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite.


  2. Chris Powers says:

    There’s little reason NOT to make these cross compatible. After all, an app I purchased called GamePad Companion allows me to use my PS3 controller on my Mac. Why is it a huge problem to have an iOS controller also work on OS X???


  3. PMZanetti says:

    Double AA batteries? Yeah that will get used a lot. Totally not bound for junk drawers everywhere…trust me.

    Any new controllers coming out (especially this one) should be announcing upcoming cross compatibility with Yosemite. If I’m gonna take the plunge on $99 controller (or anything over $39.99, for that matter) it had better be full sized and full featured, and be cross compatible.

    Guessing their first attempt utterly flopped so they’re hoping to make it happen with new “full” controller.

    Problem is definitely the lack of game titles that can be advertised as playable with any particular controller.


  4. Still looks absolutely cheap and terrible. MFtc (made for trash can). Gaming has one focus before anything else, that’s the controller. The absolute #1 priority should always be the controller. It’s so embarrassing how unintelligent the people are that don’t realize this. It’s honestly sad Apple doesn’t understand this, or care. The xbox one and PS4 (PS4 particularly) are the best controllers in the world. Why would you not allow them to be used, and forget about MFi controllers? It’s so embarrassing, and sad. The LAST thing you want is the complexity and jumble of terrible third party accessories. As a customer, you want the simplicity of having strictly nothing to choose from or one of the best two controllers ever designed to choose from. I know PS4 uses Bluetooth so there’s no way they couldn’t partner with them for it. Just Apple being stupid. I love most of the things Apple does, but occasionally it’s as bad as the rest of the garbage decisions other companies make.

    Here’s how you know someone at Apple is a moron: they removed swiping in the finder. There is literally nothing to say about that besides utter lack of intelligence was behind that decision. Swiping should forever be in the finder. Removing it went directly against the core value of simplicity. It literally makes navigation through it so much slower and worse.


  5. These MFI controllers will never sell well until they are reasonably priced. They should not cost almost twice as much as a console controller. Especially if they’re no where near the build quality of one. This one is close, but just close looking. I bet it feels cheap in your hands and the buttons probably stick. And they will charge 99.99, maybe even more for this one. These MFI controllers should cost no more than 49.99.


  6. mpias3785 says:

    The manufacturers are just not getting it. First we see a bunch of controllers that fit the iPhone like a case. Great if you don’t mind removing the phone from its regular case every time you want to use it, and what happens when the dimensions of the phone change like is happening in a few months? Do we just throw them away?

    Now we’re seeing overpriced units like this (if they sell the little one for $80, what will they be charging for this one?) with only limited iOS device compatibility and no mention of OS X compatibility.

    These manufacturers are either making stupid design decisions or pricing themselves right out of the market, or both.