The internet is a strange place. While you’d probably think that the World Wide Web’s rapid pace would be filled with short-lived trends, some things are making a comeback. The Graphics Interchange Format better known as the GIF was created by Steve Wilhite and introduced by CompuServe way back in 1987.Extremely popular in the 90s, these retro animated images have returned to the web and are flooding social media networks. Not being outdone by its competition, Twitter has finally adopted this classic piece of web culture, but you probably gathered that already by reading the title of this news article.

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4 Responses to “Twitter users can now share animated GIFs on iPhone, Android and the web”

  1. Perhaps you could have used an animated GIF that does not drop a F-bomb. Look at the white board!


  2. Evan Tana says:

    awesome that twitter supports animated GIFs, but it’s still super hard to do for most of us, especially from your phone. Sparks (getsparks.com/download) makes posting GIFs to Twitter super easy and awesome. (Disclaimer: I’m a co-founder, but that should discourage you from trying it!)