Earlier today we reported that Apple was preparing to introduce new enhancements to AppleCare, Apple IDs, and a redesign to its online support sites in addition to a number of other support related improvements. Now, Apple appears to have just flipped the switch on its redesign for at least the Apple Support Communities forums where users can go to discuss problems and troubleshoot products through Apple’s website.

The updated Apple Support Communities design has a much cleaner and more streamlined look and feel and extends through the entire Support Communities site including individual forum pages. In addition to a redesigned user interface, Apple is also building in new social features and an improved search engine into the Support Communities site. The search bar now displays similar questions as users type and combines the “Submit my question” button for those searching for something without any relevant results (pictured above).

As for the new social features, Apple has a quick links to “Activity” at the top of the redesigned site making it easy to keep on top of forums you’re interested in and view likes from other users. Another quick link to the “People” tab, which allows you to search for forum members with links to redesigned profile pages for each.

A gallery showing off the redesign is below:

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6 Responses to “Apple redesigns Support Communities website”

  1. Looks great!

    Can’t wait for Apple to redesign their whole website. I would expect that to happen around the beta or release of Yosemite.


  2. mpias3785 says:

    I was just there. The “My Stuff” menu item is gone. I’m going to have to look around the new interface, but just from my initial impressions, they made poor navigation worse.

    Apple’s whole web design is brain damaged. How do you get to the discussion pages from the home page? It’s a pain if you don’t have them bookmarked.

    And how long has the iPhone been out? 7 years? How friendly is their website to small screens?

    Apple really needs to redesign their entire site, it’s a decade out of date.


  3. rettun1 says:

    Was browsing through the menus, and remembered that my mac has a problem where it doesn’t reconnect to wifi after waking from sleep. Only took me a minute to click through and find it, and now I’m all good


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