IFO Apple Store reports that Apple is revamping its back-lit in-store photo panels, replacing its signature white-background product shots with visuals inspired by its recent advertising. Out are clean, sterile close-ups of the products, and in are colorful visuals showing what people are doing with the products.

The new graphics were photographed like magazine ads, showing the iPad/iPhone being used in actual situations, complete with their surrounding people and places. Their colors, tone and brightness is much richer and darker than the previous graphics …

Contrast old:

Customers buy Apple's new iPhone 5 smart

And new:


It’s a pretty dramatic shift in style, but consistent with Apple’s recent TV ads and microsites for campaigns like the original Your Verse ad with its later music and travel variations, Powerful, Elevating the ExpeditionParenthood – and, of course, it’s famous holidays ad for the iPhone 5s. 

This visual change-up comes alongside the new Back to School promotion in many countries across the world.

It’s not yet known whether this will be a global roll-out or limited to certain stores, but from what we’ve seen so far, it looks great. If you have photos of examples in other stores, please email them to our tips address or tweet to @9to5mac.

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10 Responses to “Apple Store visuals revamped with inspiration from recent TV campaigns”

  1. Angela Ahrendts showing why she was hired.


  2. Joshua Loh says:

    these look way better than the old ones.


  3. I’ve seen this across all of the stores I’ve been to recently. I really dig the change and some of the employees I spoke with also were big fans of it, noting it gave the store a nicer feel. The darker and more magazine like pictures give off a more subdued and refined look. Most importantly, it shows what can be done with these products.


  4. This new way really looks nice. Colorful and to the point. Of course, when I go into the Apple stores I’m usually more interested in the products than the surroundings. Anyway, Apple still seems to be knocking ’em out of the ballpark when it comes to retail. It’s hard to understand why Wall Street doesn’t notice this part of Apple and always thinking Apple devices will easily be replaced by some $100 smartphone or tablet. I don’t see it that way except for possibly the poorest countries in the world.


  5. These have been in my Apple store for a couple of weeks now. Very striking.


  6. Now this a face of a store inside which definitely motivates me entering it! Just to enjoy


  7. acslater017 says:

    This really does seem like a good pivot from Apple. In many ways, they are coming down from the pedestal and into real life. Banners and commercials show the products being touched by actual human beings, not just floating in space. Apple Inc. is becoming more communicative. Execs have a small presence on Twitter. Their supply chains are subject to public scrutiny. iOS is lowering its internal walls. Employees are taking stands at things like the Pride Parade.

    Sure, it makes them a bit less mysterious. But these days, it’s hard to maintain that level of mystique – people would rather know they’re not talking to a brick wall.


  8. I miss the minimalism of years past.