Steve Jobs introducing the App Store in 2008

Steve Jobs introducing the App Store in 2008

As Apple celebrates the 6th anniversary of the App Store today, let’s take a look at the most recent numbers Apple has announced regarding App Store statistics. During the WWDC keynote on June 2nd, Apple CEO Tim Cook shared that the App Store then featured more than 1.2 million apps and counting.

Out of that catalog, App Store customers have downloaded apps more than 75 billion times since the digital store debuted on July 10, 2008. Apple also noted that its platform is home to more than 9 million developers with registered accounts through the Developer Program, a number which was up 47% from the previous year…

On January 7th, Apple announced that those developers had earned $15 billion since the debut of the App Store in 2008. In that announcement, the Cupertino, California company noted that over $10 billion had been spent in the App Store in 2013 alone with $1 billion coming from December 2013.

In April, Apple shared that the company then had over 800 million registered iTunes accounts around the world with the majority having credit cards attached with access to the App Store.

Other notable milestones along the way include the expansion of the App Store on iPad as the tablet went on sale on April 3, 2010. After having success on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch by creating instant access to new software through digital downloads and digital payments, Apple brought the benefits of the App Store model to the Mac with OS X 10.6.6 on January 6, 2011.


Since its debut on July 10, 2008, the App Store on iOS has seen many iterations and improvements adding features like in-app purchases, purchases backed up in the cloud, additional curated sections, a dedicated Kids category, and more.

With the release of iOS 8 this fall, Apple has some major changes planned for the App Store including Shared Family accounts, a new Explore tab for discovering new apps, and several new developer tools like TestFlight and analytics tracking.

To found out the App Store’s 6th anniversary, watch Steve Jobs announce the App Store on iPhone from 2008 below:

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11 Responses to “The App Store’s 6th anniversary by the numbers”

  1. herb02135go says:

    It would be interesting to note how many of the apps downloaded are still being used.

    Before I abandoned Apple for Samsung, I had about 120 apps downloaded. I kept only about half that number on the phones and used about 20 regularly (at least once a week). So, in a sense, many of the apps were truly disposable.

    I wonder what the numbers would be if consumers could return/get a refund on apps they don’t use or are dissatisfied with.

    On another note, this article mentions the “majority” of iTunes accounts having a credit card attached. Is there another way?


    • I have no idea about your other points, but I can answer your final question about accounts without credit cards. I am not 18 yet, so I don’t have any credit cards or debit cards that work online yet. My parents also don’t trust me enough to let me use their credit card on the store. So instead, when I need something from iTunes or the app store, I buy one of the “store credit” cards (usually like $30) from a post office or from almost anywhere else and just put that on my account.


    • Luis Padilla says:

      “I wonder what the numbers would be if consumers could return/get a refund on apps they don’t use or are dissatisfied with.”

      Of course you can ask for a refund if the app doesn’t satisfy you.. it’s quick and easy.


  2. Brian Batch says:

    “On another note, this article mentions the “majority” of iTunes accounts having a credit card attached. Is there another way?”

    Yes… don’t enter your credit card information–use a gift card. Come back to Apple and you won’t have to ask such dumb questions.


    • herb02135go says:

      If I was with Apple this would have been useful information. As it is I was just curious.

      Have you tried a Samsung? The battery life for the S5 is amazing.


      • bpbatch says:

        Yeah… That’s exactly what I look for in a phone… “Which model gets me an extra hour of battery life?” LOL Seriously, dude, if you are so
        married to about products, you wouldn’t be trolling an Apple site like the paid shrill that you obviously are.


      • herb02135go says:

        Patch, how do you recognize a paid troll? Oh right. You look in the mirror.

        The new GalaXy s5 can go for several days on a single charge.
        Thanks for giving me the opportunity to give a shout out to the Samsung line!

        In the meantime, your clamoring for a thinner crApple phone so when you stick your battery pack to it it looks like a normal phone. Winner!!