The well-renowned social snap-sharing application Snapchat today introduced a new feature it is calling Geofilters, bringing you special custom-designed graphics that can easily be applied to photos taken in specific geographic locations. In the above video, a couple of girls take a snap at what appears to be a bicycle shop, and a quick swipe to the right places a small yellow bicycle tire on the top-left of their photo.

As mentioned on the official Snapchat blog, privacy disclaimer and all:

We’ve had a lot of fun drawing up new filters for special locations in Los Angeles and New York. Swipe right on the preview screen to check them out – they’ll change depending on which neighborhoods you’re in! Although you’ll need to enable location services for this feature, we don’t store your location.

Right now, Snapchat has only incorporated these filters at specific locations in Los Angeles and New York, but it will be interesting to see if the company expands the feature to other locations in the future — or maybe even opens these filters up to be crowd-sourced in some way. It doesn’t appear that you need to update your Snapchat client to take advantage of Geofilters.

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One Response to “Snapchat introduces Geofilters, bringing special filters to specific locations”

  1. chrisl84 says:

    Filters change depending on what neighborhood youre in???? Yeah the PC liberal loons will have a field day with how racist this idea is.