Earlier today, Apple released iOS 8 beta 4 with a redesigned Control Center feature, OS X Yosemite Developer Preview 4 with various interface tweaks, and a new iTunes 12 Mac app with a refreshed look and feel. Above is our video that takes a closer look at these various changes and enhancements.

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14 Responses to “Video: Here’s what’s new in iTunes 12, iOS 8 beta 4 & OS X Yosemite preview 4”

  1. jrox16 says:

    Beautiful update to the look of control center.


  2. NIce overview. But why does the person with the most monotone, coma-inducing voice have to record these?


  3. i just upgraded and lost my jailbreak (obviously) .. but whats crazy is one of my jailbreak tweaks to my status bar stayed when i installed iOS 8 beta 4 .. i changed the theme of my signal strength and my wifi strength to tiny little dots and they carried over to iOS 8 . weird


  4. I’ve noticed that Safari now auto hides the main menu bar much like the dock being hidden but I can’t replicate this in any other application.


  5. How to show the previews songs as played on iTunes stores like in iTunes 11 ?


  6. Sebastian Rasch says:

    What exactly are the changes to the music sorting options? I always found them insufficient since iTunes 11. You can’t sort by artist AND year (if you have more than one album of one artist). Really stupid.


    • Yes you can, go to your music, then view, click ‘show view options’ then choose artist then year. That works for me!


      • Sebastian Rasch says:

        I should’ve mentioned that I’m usually in the “Genres” view. There is only one sort option, so it’s only possible to sort by name OR by year OR by artist, but no second options to each of these.


  7. kylebaity says:

    I wish there was more coverage on Yosemite changes. A different calculator and dark mode slightly changed doesn’t warrant a new release.


  8. are these updates just containing mostly cosmetic changes or is there a long list somewhere else with other fixes?..curious