A functional “Wico6″ iPhone 6 clone has made its way into a detailed hands-on video published by YouTuber Danny Winget. This functional clone mimics Apple’s iPhone in almost every way possible, all the way down to the packaging and accessories. So what’s the big deal? Apple clones pop up all of the time. Well, the Wico6 is designed to look like all of the iPhone 6 dummies we’ve seen up to the point.

This “fully functional” device does work as a smartphone (SIM card slot and all), but it’s not running iOS. Much like Goophone’s i6 copycat device, the Wico6 runs a skinned version of Android that’s designed to look like iOS. There’s nothing fancy here as far as specifications go, but it’s surprising how far this company went in terms of design and user interface to make a functional clone…

Just in case you were curious, this device is powered by a 2.4GHz quad-core MediaTek processor, 2GB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage, and has a 4.7-inch display with a resolution of 960 x 540 (234 ppi). Nothing impressive, but apparently it gets the job done.

Keep in mind, this clone is just based on all of the rumored schematics we’ve seen over the past few months. In fact, even cases designed from the same rumored measurements fit the Wico6. There’s really no solid proof that Apple’s upcoming iPhone will actually look like this, but it’s interesting to see what some of these companies will go through just to make a clone of a rumored device.

Check out the video embedded below for a closer look:

Gallery (click to enlarge):

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32 Responses to “Hands-on with a functional 4.7-inch iPhone 6 clone, attention to detail is ridiculous (Video)”

  1. bands’a make her dance, bands’a make her dance. hope all these mockups get it wrong with them antennae bands.


  2. rettun1 says:

    hahahahaha this is awesome

    Hey if Apple releases something that looks similar to this, who could sue who? O.o


  3. The best part about this is that it proves that everything we’ve been seeing could be fake.


    • jorge1170x says:

      Boy, ifans you like you are always so stubbornly in denial – even when the reality is right in front of your face. You’re like those abused women who keep telling themselves, oh, he’ll change someday, I know this can’t be the real him. Would love to see you holding back tears when this is exactly what comes out, because this is the 6, it’s OBVIOUS. And it’s just a SMARTPHONE man, like any other.


      • Perfectly stated!!! When the original iPhone came out it was revolutionary, heck I even had to go out and get one because it just did so much more than any other phone did at the time. Fast forward a few years and it is just a smartphone. That said it is almost exactly the same smartphone that came out all of those years ago, and this is what disappoints me. With every iteration we wait for new innovative features but this is it!

        Adding a compass to the 3GS was a huge improvement.
        Adding a camera to the iPad 2 was a huge improvement.
        Adding a Retina display to the iPhone 4 was a huge improvement.
        Adding a Retina display to the iPad 3 was a huge improvement.

        iPhone 5 was a disappointment.
        iPad 4 was a disappointment.

        Making the iPad Air much lighter was desirable, but short of the mark.

        iPhone 6 needs something big HARDWARE wise, otherwise it is actually sub par when compared to other smartphones on the market at the moment.

        Amazon seem to be on the money with new innovative features for their Fire Phone, and as for tablets, when are Apple going to meet the needs of their consumers and offer an active stylus option?


  4. Can someone explain to me why people will go to this extent (expending so much energy and time) to come up with a clone like this? Why not just use those same resources to build an Android phone outright? It is just beyond silly. I just hope Apple go after them with everything they have got – even if it is not the final design. It is important for future products, not just from Apple but from every manufacturer out there. Companies spend millions of dollars to develop a product and these warped brains just go copy it without spending so much as a cent on R&D! It is just ridiculous.


    • This device is very decent.
      To replace ” Launcher iOs8 ” by Nova Launcher and it will be fluid.
      This Smartphone has 2Go of Ram, MTK6592, correct finish.
      No more than $300 and I buy it. (If I find on the Internet)


  5. pshaw13 says:

    No new row of icons? I thought this was shocking for attention to detail. They would never just make the apps bigger…


  6. zeromeus says:

    Just a Samsung subsidiary using a fake name to avoid lawsuits. Nothing to see here.


  7. Matt Waldron says:

    Someone at Foxconn is obviously selling prototypes or early production models to some cheap and nasty fake manufacturer


  8. Tim Jr. says:

    What if all these mockup shells were just shells from china cloners and it ends up being another 4″ phone.. bhahahahaha.. I will so laugh!


  9. I’m not even mad. I’m impressed.

    It even has the curved glass on the edges. If a cheap mock up android version can do all that imagine the actual iP6 with years worth of development, and parts specifically built for it. On that beautiful 4.7″ screen sitting under sapphire glass. “Insert mandatory complaint about antenna breaks on the back”


    • The curve doesn’t look very good on this, it doesn’t seamlessly go into the curve of the sides of the phone which is what the actual 6 will do.


      • None of us know what the iPhone 6 will actually do, though I get your point. I’m still rather impressed. Are you not?


      • Yeah I’m impressed as it looks decent, although clearly not great like the actual phone will be. I’m just saying if the iPhone 6 has beveled glass then it will seamlessly run into the curve of the edges, it would be kinda pointless if it didn’t.


      • The real iPhone 6 will have big, chunky sides that make Arnold Schwarzenegger’s shoulders look like those of a toddler.

        It will also have a 512×384 9″ screen (Nine! Take THAT Samsung!) a 68030 processor running at 16MHz, as well as a lead-acid battery so that you can run it for hours at a time. You can upgrade the 1MB of RAM to 4MB with the $1100 iPhone Memory Expansion Card that can be installed by an Apple Service Technician.

        Brilliant 8-bit 11KHz mono sound and an easy-to-use tether cable for the 800K floppy drive to boot System 6 while keeping the internal floppy drive free for your other disk: Microsoft Word 5. You’ll even be able to buy a SCSI cable to attach hard drives as large as 80 or 100 MB!

        The real iPhone 6 will be a Macintosh Classic II with a battery pack. I have photos from random people in China and Paramus, NJ. Proof!


  10. Where I can get this clone?


  11. attention to detail is ridonculous!


  12. Matt Sims says:

    A flash of iOS6 at 7:56 lol. C’mon Chinese cloner, you had ONE job!


  13. I heard that Samsung was bringing a lawsuit against these guys. Apparently they consider copying Apple to be their personal IP.


    • I hate that Apple sued Samsung, but have to thumbs up your witty comment!!! IMO next time they should be forced to donate money towards clearing third world debt rather than attempting to increase each others bank balances.


  14. Seriously? Fake iPhones? With a hacked up Android build?

    Why don’t they just try to be gutsy and take a clue from the Hackintosh world? They could try to brute-force slice-and-dice iOS onto their hardware. They’d be gone in a New York minute a la Psystar…

    … But what a helluva ride it would be!


  15. For those who want to buy this product, NO risks there….
    The original is NOT announced.


  16. gunston says:



  17. jorge1170x says:

    Funny how Android and Windows phones were mocked for having screens sizes like 4.3, 4.5, 4.7, and now all of a sudden, Apple stumbles into this display range and NOW it all makes perfect sense. Same with slide down notifications, sooo dumb until iOS7 did it. Next up; miroSD expansion slots? File management app? Widgets? A proper HDMI out (to compliment, not replace airplay)?


  18. Vk Vn says:

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