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In honor of the Bank holiday in the United Kingdom, Apple is offering five Newsstand magazine issues per day at no charge. The deal started today (August 18th) and lasts through August 22nd…

Screenshot 2014-08-18 11.36.04

Today’s offerings are from Glamour Magazine, T3 Magazine, The Economist, NME Magazine, and Focus Magazine. You can find the free downloads via iTunes on either the Mac or iOS. Thanks, Dan and everyone else who sent this in!

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7 Responses to “Apple giving out five Newsstand magazines a day till Aug. 22 in the UK”

  1. Aside from The Loop Magazine, I have rarely used newsstand and typically throw it in a folder.


  2. chudman85 says:

    Got a email with this deal here in NZ but is not coming up as free but as $6.49 NZD someone made a mistake somewhere I think


  3. vkd108 says:

    anyone can let me know how to access this? I’m a registered UK user but brainless, so can’t for the life of me find this. another thing is, i never use iTunes…


  4. vkd108 says:

    Well, I have found some of the mags under Music>IPC Media Limited. Unfortunately is says the free offers are “In-App Purchases” and additionally, “This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad. The writer of this article lured me in when he wrote, “You can find the free downloads via iTunes on either the Mac or iOS.” Unfortunately again, this seems to be false. I am on a Mac and like I just said, it says iPhone and iPad, neither of which run Mac OS, as the whole world and his dog knows full well. What b0llocks, I have just wasted another hour of my life uselessly following stupid nonsense. The writer should have his pay cut – are you listening, whoever’s in charge of this site?


    • Mark is pretty good at missing out key information.


    • Well judging from your previous comment you spent ~9 minutes looking not an hour. The article does specifically mention, in the title no less, that these are Newsstand magazines and hence you will need Newsstand on an iOS device to read them. Frankly it seems pretty absurd to call for the writer to receive a paycut simply because you are unable to make sense of a perfectly well written article.


      • vkd108 says:

        Absurd? Well written? Excuse me, but I (was not) privy to the fact that you require a so-called “app” called “Newsstand” in order to read the magazines. As far as I could tell, ‘Newsstand’ could be the name of a publishing house or some other entity of that nature. I am simply a Mac user and have no contact whatsoever with iOS, nor apps, other than the ‘Applications’ I have on my computer, but I have none of these ‘apps’ nor use the App Store. The article does say, “You can find the free downloads via iTunes on either the Mac or iOS”, which is untrue because as you yourself write, Gribble, “you will need Newsstand on an iOS device to read them.”