Apple has updated its iOS 8 terms of use, according to The Guardian, to note that developers are not allowed to resell any information gained through the upcoming HealthKit framework. The HealthKit software was announced as part of a larger event earlier this year, but it was only with the most recent beta that Apple made note of this restriction.

The move is not unexpected, as it would be very much against Apple’s modus operandi to allow developers access to such crucial data without some restrictions on its use in place as a protection for users. Similar restrictions exist for the Touch ID API, which doesn’t allow developers to access user fingerprint data at all, let alone store it.

There is one exception to this rule, however…

Apple explicitly states that developers may share user health data with third parties only if those parties are using the data for health-related research. In order to share a user’s information with those third parties, the developers must first get permission from the user. Anyone who doesn’t want their information being used for research purposes can simply choose not to opt-in to any research sharing initiatives.

Apple is expected to unveil a fitness-focused wearable device alongside two versions of the next-gen iPhone on September 9th.

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5 Responses to “Apple updates iOS 8 terms, disallows developers from selling data acquired through HealthKit”

  1. Denver Guy says:

    Steve Jobs and I worked on this.

    The words of Bruce Sewell are acid upon the company. This company will be run from outside the company primarily. The Goals will be that of the users, which we will observe honor and cherish.

    The company exists to create new standards. Sometimes we need to run through bull poop to make something new.


  2. herb02135go says:

    How will Apple enforce this?