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As noticed by Apfelpage, Apple has published a new page to be more open about why it rejects apps. A chart at the bottom of the page shows the top ten reasons for app rejection in the last seven days; such as lack of information, crashes or bugs encountered, complicated user interfaces. Around 60% of rejections come from violation of just ten guidelines of the App Store rules. Some of these, like the existence of placeholder text in applications, seem rather trivial issues and it’s interesting that it arises so frequently as a cause of rejection.

The page goes into more detail on some of these points. In one instance, Apple highlights what it deems to be a ‘substandard user interface’, which apparently is responsible for 6% of all rejections. In the example, Apple advises use of a tableview to cleanly lay out information.


Although none of the advice is particularly revolutionary, it should help iOS app developers (especially those new to the ecosystem) sail through App Review more easily. The information also has a side-benefit; the less time Apple reviewers spend dealing with app issues, the faster the review process should become for all developers.


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16 Responses to “Apple highlighting top ten reasons apps get rejected on new developer page”

  1. andreww500 says:

    I will be submitting my first app to the app store tonight/tomorrow so I’ll definitely have a read through this. I’m fairly certain I am not infringing on any guidelines however.

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  2. standardpull says:

    The way I read this, a large percentage of apps are rejected because Apple thinks they are lousy.

    It’s like submitting a paper to your teacher – not only should the content be good, the grammar should be good too. The whole thing should be good, without plagiarism or confusing statements or plain-old errors.

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  3. The key take-away here is that 42% of rejections in the past 7 days are for undisclosed reasons.

    The 10 guideline violations are just the obvious.

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  4. I think Apple should rethink the whole app approval process. Very strange that my iPhone app updates only take a couple of days and my iPad apps more then 2 weeks sometimes. I am also sure that they don’t test it out properly, especially when the different apps communicate to each other or to other hardware. I have a POS solution for the bar/restaurant business, for my last app, a KDS (Kitchen Display System), they asked a video, explaining how it works.


  5. Funny how Guideline 2.9 does not allow “beta” apps. I guess Siri was an exception.


  6. Lars Boelen says:

    Good thing has an easy to implement solutions to organize software testing and get your Apps into the AppStore bug free.


  7. If an app has a bad UI, I thought consumers just gave it a bad review and moved on to another competing app, and the app developer doesn’t get any business.


  8. This is also only data for 1 week of submissions…..