Virtually all docks that currently exist are modal in that docking your device means you probably won’t be using it while it stays tethered to the power source. Wiplabs wants to solve that problem for you with the iDockAll, which cradles your device upright but is designed to allow you to remove and use your device without removing the power source.

The iDockAll can support both 30 pin and Lightning devices including iPods, iPhones, and even iPads. It is even designed to support your device without having to remove its case in most situations.

The aesthetics of the dock resemble that of Apple’s own hardware with a beautiful, aluminum build that can easily compliment your Mac or serve as an elegant decorative piece without looking like something out of a science fiction movie.

iDockAll is currently looking for funding for this project and has just over two weeks to try and meet its goal. If iDockAll is something you would like to see exist, check out their project page and make a pledge today.

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