Watch this four-minute video, and you’ll understand exactly why Tim Cook hired former Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts to head up Apple’s retail operations – and it’s not because of all the iDevices that appear in it (though the love-clutching of her iPhone doesn’t hurt).

In the video, a promo for Burberry’s partnership with Salesforce, she maps out her vision of the stores of the future, “blurring the lines between physical and digital.”

Ahrendts talks of the store of the future making you “feel like you’re walking into the website,” of mobile-first and using innovations like chip-enabled products and “magical trays” to play video content as you pick up a product. Today’s customers, she says, “speak social” and the onus is on retailers to “change everything” to deliver “the ultimate in customer service.”

Swap the clothing and accessories for technology, and it’s a video that could have been made for Apple. Apple may have gotten it horribly wrong with her predecessor, but this time it’s not hard to see why Cook described Ahrendts as “the best person in the world for this role.”

Via Fortune


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