Ahead of this upcoming week’s iTunes Festival concert series at SXSW, Apple has added an iTunes Festival channel to the Apple TV so that users can live stream the concert’s content. Late last week, Apple released an updated version of the iTunes Festival application for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The Apple TV application is similar in style to the iOS app, and it includes a colorful logo…

The Apple TV application highlights the different concerts to take place as part of the festival. Some of the notable artists include Kendrick Lamar, Willie Nelson, Coldplay, Soundgarden, Imagine Dragons, Keith Urban, and Pitbull. Apple has held iTunes Festivals overseas for a number of years, and next week’s events at SXSW represent Apple’s first iTunes Festival in the United States.

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Reader DJ Jenkins, who provided the above images of the Apple TV channel, notes that the iTunes Festival application showed up in the center of his Apple TV channel menu. Perhaps Apple placed the channel in the middle strategically in order to maximize viewership.

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