Apple will continue to experiment with its iPhone lineup in India after both reintroducing and re-retiring its iPhone 4 in the country this year. That’s according to a new report by The Times of India, which says Apple is poised to introduce the cheaper iPhone 5c 8GB model in India by early next month.

The report notes the iPhone 5c will be priced close to “Rs 35,000-Rs 37,000 with a buyback offer” which is “about Rs 2,000 cheaper than the 16GB version with a buyback offer”.

The conversion from Indian Rupee to US dollars roughly pegs the 8GB iPhone 5c at about $600 with the difference between the 8GB and 16GB converting to about $33 with the buyback offer model.

Apple first introduced cheaper the iPhone 5c 8GB configuration earlier this year in several non-US markets across the globe as a mid-tier option with support for LTE which the cheaper iPhone 4s lacks.

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