Now that iOS 8 is officially out for developers, it’s time to start digging into the apps and settings to find out what Apple didn’t tell us. Sure there are plenty of new features available in iOS 8, but there are definitely other little (and bigger) ones that didn’t make it to the unveiling.

We’ve been exploring iOS 8 and finding all sorts of features and helpful tips that Apple failed to mention during the keynote, but we feel are important enough to share with you. Check out our top 10 hidden iOS 8 features video below…

Keep in mind, there are a lot more than just 10 hidden gems in iOS 8, but to keep things from running too long we’ve narrowed it down to a handful of favorites. It’s unclear if all of these features will make it to the public release as Apple has a tendency to remove smaller features throughout the beta period before a public launch.

At this point, I think it’s safe to say that iOS is heading in a great direction. Apple has definitely taken the time to listen to the public’s feature requests. It’s a shame it took this long for certain features, but overall I’m happy with the progress.

Here are the top 10 hidden features mentioned in the video above:

  • Customize/Rearrange iOS 8 share sheets (Thanks, Ravirajm!)
  • Self-timer in Camera app
  • Time-Lapse videos
  • New accessibility zoom features
  • Grayscale
  • Request desktop site in Safari
  • Siri with Shazam integration
  • Independent exposure and focus control in Camera app
  • Battery usage (percentage) per app
  • Auto-delete messages

Which one is your favorite hidden feature?

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