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Following up on its announcement that it will support CarPlay in its cars beginning in 2015, Audi has provided more details about the rollout. According to the luxury car-maker, iOS CarPlay support will arrive in models for Europe in 2015, while North American models will see the software in center consoles in early 2016. Audi has also detailed how the functionality with be integrated:

CarPlay will integrate with Audi’s built-in controls, including the innovative Audi MMI touch system, as well as dial controls and voice controls to easily activate Siri. This gives Audi drivers a variety of ways to minimize distraction on the road while accessing their iPhone to make calls, use Maps, listen to music and send or receive messages. In CarPlay-equipped models, Audi motorists will simply connect their iPhone to begin using their apps through the car’s native controls. Drivers also have the option to easily switch from the CarPlay view and the Audi infotainment functions as desired.

Audi’s President of America noted that Apple and Audi are working closely on the integration. “That’s why it was essential for Audi and Apple engineers to work closely together to seamlessly bring the capabilities of CarPlay to the advanced interfaces of the Audi MMI system,” he said. Notably, Audi and Apple are not the only partners in the digital car space. Google is integrated Android Auto into future Audi models.

Ferrari, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, Honda and Volvo are rolling out CarPlay-supported cars this year, while other companies like BMW, Ford, and Toyota are yet to announce specific rollout timeframes.

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