YouTuber iCrackUriDevice has published a video featuring what could be the rear housing for Apple’s upcoming 4.7-inch iPhone 6. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this part appear on video, but this is definitely the best quality video so far.

There’s no solid proof that Apple is actually manufacturing parts with this design, but the part’s design does match up with other dummy units and rumored schematics we’ve seen up to this point.

The video below showcases the design of the housing and compares it to last year’s gold iPhone 5s housing. It’s also noted that the alleged iPhone 6 housing appears to have a recessed area on the inside which could indicate that Apple has plans to use a logo inlay as we’ve seen with its current generation iPad models.

The housing shown below also features the same (ugly) antenna breaks we’ve seen on all of the mockups so far. There’s no way to tell if these parts are genuine, but the layout designed for internal components does seem pretty intricate. Alternatively, it’s possible that the housing was designed for the iPhone 6 clones that have surfaced which run a heavily skinned version of Android that’s meant to look like iOS 8.

Check out the YouTube video below (via BestTechInfo):

If this housing is legitimate, it’s obviously not a final production unit. The backside is lacking the polished “iPhone” text, and as mentioned above the Apple logo is missing. I guess we’ll find out what’s true and false in a couple of months when the iPhone 6 is officially unveiled.

Gallery (click to enlarge):

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