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Ahead of Apple’s new iPhone event on September 9th, Thailand’s National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (that nation’s version of what we know in the U.S. as the FCC) has approved two new iPhone models for sale in the country. The approval was confirmed on Twitter by the country’s Secretary General for these matters, and a local report indicates the model numbers for two new devices: A1524 & A1586. Thailand’s Secretary General spoke about the matter in a video from earlier this week:

The two model numbers could be representative of a combination of different iPhone lineups. It is possible that one number belongs to the new iPhone 4.7-inch model and another belongs to the upcoming 5.5-inch model. Another possibility is that these model numbers could belong to tweaked iPhone 5c or iPhone 5s models with updated internals like new cellular chipsets. Another possibility is that a single 4.7-inch model could come in two cellular flavors for Thailand, and that is what the two model numbers represent.

If nothing else, the existence of these model numbers confirms that Apple plans to sell the new iPhones in Thailand in the near-future. The iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c did not initially launch in Thailand in September 2013, but the devices launched in the country during the “Wave 2” debut in late-October. Approval this early in the launch timeline could mean that Apple plans to release the new iPhone models in Thailand sooner this year. Perhaps pointing to this is that the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s only received Thailand approval in late-September last year.

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