Swing Copters

If you’ve tried and thrown in the towel on Swing Copters, the follow up game from Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen, you may want to give besting your high score another try this morning.

An updated version of the game was released today, tweaking the gameplay and bringing it closer to the difficult-but-not-quite-as-impossible levels of its popular predecessor Flappy Bird.

In the latest version, you can no longer see the position of the first opening and hammers before you start, but the speed and velocity has slowed down enough to raise my high score from 1… to 2. You’ll probably score even better.

The creator of Swing Copters and Flappy Bird tweeted at the end of last week that the current high score of the game’s players was at 77 after debuting on Thursday last week; today’s tweaked gameplay will likely bring a much higher score.

Swing Copters 1.1 is available now for iPhone and iPad via the App Store.

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