It’s not quite group video calling, but Skype is rolling out an update to its iPhone app to support hosting group audio calls in the latest feature addition to its redesigned iPhone app.

For existing groups (and for new groups) we’ve placed a new call button in the bottom navigation bar. Simply tap it to start your call. We support up to four people on a group audio call in this first release, but you can expect to hear further news on this in the near future.

Once a group audio call has started, the number of participants will be displayed in the top bar. Tap the navigation bar to see the active participants on the call. You can also see any contacts that are in the group but not on the call. Furthermore, as the host, you can also selectively take people off the call without ending the current call.

Support for hosting group audio calls is a promising feature for users awaiting support for group video calling as Skype moved multi-video chats back into the free tier earlier this year including the Mac and on mobile with Windows 8.1 tablets. In the meantime, iPhone users can grab Skype 5.4 with group audio calling for free on the App Store.

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