The TweetDeck Mac app today received an update with a handful of new features including the ability to share account access with others, direct messages to groups, support for in-line GIFs and videos, and much more.

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The updated app will now allow users to share their accounts with others using a new feature called Teams. The feature first started rolling out for users on the web, Chrome, and Windows in February.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 11.23.43 AM“TweetDeck Teams is a simple solution to Twitter account sharing. It enables you to delegate access to as many people as you like, and remove accounts when they no longer need access.

Also included in the update is the ability to direct message to Groups, add up to 4 images to each tweet, and view GIFs and videos in-line. You’ll also now be able to “Share a Tweet via Direct Message to a group of friends.”

The updated TweetDeck app for Mac is available on the Mac App Store now.

A full list of what’s new in TweetDeck for Mac version 3.9.482 is below:

We have loads of great new features for you:

– Share access to your accounts safely & securely with Teams – Keep the conversation going with Group DMs – Add up to 4 images with every Tweet – GIFs and Videos now play in-line – Share a Tweet via Direct Message to a group of friends – Dataminr subscribers can now add columns and receive notifications of new alerts to Dataminr watch lists – Loads of little bug fixes and improvements under the hood.

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