Update: Home Depot says it plans to accept Apple Pay in the near future.

Home Depot appears to have quietly stopped accepting Apple Pay. Although never officially named as a partner, the company has supported contactless payment and Apple Pay used to work in at least some of its stores. An Apple support document updated last week lists Home Depot as one of the stores that “might not currently be set up” to accept Apple Pay.

The change appears to be related to Home Depot’s deal to accept PayPal as a payment method both in store and online … 


The company highlighted PayPal in a response to an Apple Pay user who queried the change.

We currently do not accept Apple Pay in our local stores or online. We do have the option of using PayPal, in store or online.

The response said that Home Depot could not say if or when it might (once more) accept Apple Pay. It’s not yet clear whether the company has dropped support for Apple Pay specifically or disabled all forms of contactless payment.

Home Depot customers might have more desire than most for the security of Apple Pay: the company last year suffered one of the biggest ever data breaches of any retail chain, with 53 million customer email addresses and 56 million credit cards compromised.

Apple is continuing its U.S. rollout of the service with both retailers and banks, Best Buy coming on board for in-app purchases last month, with retail stores due to follow in the fall. Discover will also join the other big card companies in accepting Apple Pay from the fall.

Photo: Reuters

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