Apple launched its Shot on iPhone 6 ad campaign earlier this year and has since expanded the campaign to buildings and skyscrapers around the world. The purpose of the campaign is to showcase the photography capabilities of the iPhone 6, notably excluding video content. Apple this evening, however, has further expanded its Shot on iPhone 6 campaign and launched a new microsite titled “World Gallery films” with 7 short videos shot with the iPhone 6. They are all embedded below:

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All of the films are 15 seconds in length and showcase a variety of capabilities that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus feature when it comes to its recording capabilities. For instance, one video shows off the slow-motion feature of the device, while others show the superb macro recording of which the iPhone is capable.

All of the videos end with a simple “Shot on iPhone 6” slide followed by a screen giving credit to the original reorder of the clip. Apple is featuring this new category of Shot on iPhone content directly on its homepage, as well.

With the still images showcased as part of the Shot on iPhone campaign, Apple noted that some of the pictures had been edited in Instagram, Snapped, and Adobe Photoshop Express. We assume the same disclaimer applies to these videos, although Apple makes no mention of the editing on the video-specific campaign page.

You can view all 7 of the short Shot on iPhone videos on Apple’s website here or via the embeds below:

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