Contrary to many assumptions being posted this morning, Apple Music doesn’t allow you to stream the entire iTunes library – just most of it. As The Verge notes, The Beatles are among the exceptions.

Even Beats Music got this wrong, stating in its FAQ that Apple Music gives you everything you get with Beats “plus, you can play all of the songs in the iTunes catalog” … 


While consumers have been making the switch from download to streaming for some time now, artists and music labels alike have viewed streaming services with some suspicion, unsure how revenues would compare to traditional sales. Taylor Swift famously pulled her entire catalog from Spotify, saying that the free tier devalued music.

Apple’s free tier (beyond the initial three-month free trial) is limited to its radio stations, so it has managed to get Swift on board, but some artists and labels resist even paid streaming, believing they will make more money when their music is only available for download. Apple says you can stream over 30 million tracks – the same number given by Spotify.

So you’ll certainly be able to stream most of the iTunes catalog, but don’t be surprised to find a few omissions.

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