Apple has continued making lots of progress at its under construction Campus 2 site in Cupertino ahead of plans to move in late next year, evident by this latest drone flyover courtesy of our friend MyithZ.

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Last time we got a great close-up look at Apple’s new auditorium on the campus, a $160 million building away from the site’s main circular structure that’s planned to hold around 1,000 guests for future Apple events was taking shape. After working around increasingly pushy Apple security, this time around MyithZ gives us a closer look at the main structure, which Apple has made significant progress on since last month. In the video, we see that Apple has now erected more of the circular building, while the parking structure next to it and the surrounding campus begins to take shape as well. Head below for the full video…

We’ve been keeping track of updates on the site in our continually updated construction progress timeline. In it you’ll find all of the latest drone flyover videos, official aerial shots from the City of Cupertino and Apple, as well as news related to the project. Despite some recent changes with contractors, Apple doesn’t appear to be slowing down at all and still lists the end of 2016 as a timeframe for wrapping up building construction in its general project schedule. If all goes to plan, Apple should begin moving in employees sometime in early 2017.

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