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Apple is adding a convenient new feature for developers today in iTunes Connect. Following a refresh to the Payments and Financial Reports pages a fortnight ago, Apple is now letting developers opt-in to a weekly summary report email of their apps. The email will summarize important business metrics for the developer’s apps, including information on App Store views, unit sales, sessions and crash rates. The email will also show the comparisons of these statistics to the previous seven-day period.

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Third-party App Analytics companies have offered similar services for a long time, but this is Apple’s first official stab at providing its own email reports service. App Store email reports help developers keep on top of their App Store portfolio, which ultimately leads to a better experience for users. For instance, a dramatic increase in crash rates will flag up in these reports, signalling the developer to start debugging the most recent update. That being said, responsible developers already track these statistics on a regular basis via other means.

Developers interested in receiving these email alerts can sign up from within iTunes Connect; look for the Notifications tab in the Users and Roles section.

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