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Apple CEO Tim Cook took some time to kick off today’s ‘Let us loop you in’ press event with comments on the FBI/encryption controversy, but the company also offered the usual milestones and stats throughout the event. 

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While noting its recent milestone of reaching 1 billion active Apple devices in the wild, the company also gave us some stats on its renewable energy efforts and work with ResearchKit, highlighted some recent sales numbers for Apple Watch, AppleTV, and iPad, and shared some insight into why it’s launching the new 4-inch iPhone SE. Hint: it sold 30 million 4-inch iPhones last year alone.

And  in one slide (pictured above), it pointed out sales of 200 million 9.7-inch iPads to date alongside the introduction of the its new smaller, 9.7-inch iPad Pro.

Head below for a full roundup of numbers from today’s event.

  • Apple’s 40th birthday on April 1st
  • 1 billion active Apple devices
  • 93% of Apple facilities run on renewable energy, 100% renewable power in the United States, 100% renewable in 23 countries
  • 99% of packaging recycled or sustainably managed forests
  • ResearchKit study became largest Parkinson’s study in less than 24hrs
  • Apple Watch top selling smartwatch in the world
  • Third of Watch wearers regularly change their bands
  • Largest sales ever for AppleTV after 4th gen introduction

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  • 5000 Apple TV apps
  • Over 30 million 4-inch iPhones sold last year
  • To date over 200 million 9.7-inch iPads sold
  • Over 1 million apps in App Store designed for iPad
  • iPhone SE coming to 100 countries by May

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