Discover prematurely updates its website w/ references to ‘iPhone X Edition,’ new iPod touch, more

[UPDATE: Discover calls fake news on this one (even though the products were real) with this statement:

“On Monday, September 11th, a false rumor was reported about Discover posting information on its website about Apple’s new products. The rumor has no merit and an accompanying mock image was never posted on any Discover websites.”]

Discover this evening briefly updated its “Deals” website to reflect the release of the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X Edition, Apple Watch Series 3, iPod Touch (7th Generation), and Apple TV (2017). While it’s completely possible that Discover doesn’t have any inside information here, this move is the latest in a long list of corroboration about what Apple has in store for tomorrow…

Discover has since removed the mentions of Apple’s new devices from its website, but the screenshot above shows them under the “Exceptions” heading when talking about a cashback promotion.

Interestingly, Discover refers to the iPhone X Edition as opposed to just iPhone X. Many case companies are also tacking the ‘Edition’ on, but that could just be their way of playing both sides of the fence. Discover also mentions a 7th generation iPod touch, which the iOS 11 GM vaguely hinted at, but it’s unclear what exactly will be new.

Whether or not Discover actually has inside information here remains to be seen, but we’ll know it all in just over 12 hours when Tim Cook takes the stage of Steve Jobs Theater.

Read more info about what’s coming at the event below:

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Check out 9to5Mac on YouTube for more Apple news:



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