iOS offers a host of ways to customize your iPhone and it can be easy to look past some handy options. We previously covered how to create custom vibration patterns. Follow along for how to set custom iPhone ringtones and text tones on a per contact basis.

Setting custom ringtones and text tones for contacts can be really useful to quickly know if you’d like to answer a call or respond to a text message without needing to pick up or look at your iPhone.

How to set custom iPhone ringtones and text tones per contact

  1. Pull up a contact you’d like to set a custom ringtone or text tone for (either in the Phone or Contacts app)
  2. Tap Edit in the top right corner
  3. Tap on Ringtone and then make a selection, tap Done to set the ringtone
  4. Tap on Text Tone to set a custom option, make a choice and tap Done
  5. You’ll now see the custom ringtone and text tone on the contact card

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