Whether you’ve just gotten your first iPhone or it’s been a long time since you’ve added a new email account, follow along for how to add yours on iPhone.

For most personal accounts, adding an email to your iPhone is a quick and painless process. Just make sure you have your password handy.

How to add email on iPhone

  1. Open Settings, swipe down and select Accounts & Passwords (look for Mail, Contacts & Calendars on older iOS versions)
  2. Now tap Add Account
  3. Choose your email provider, if not listed, tap Other
  4. Follow the prompts and you should be all set! 😎

For business or work email accounts, there may be a few extra steps or pieces of information you’ll need like incoming and outgoing server details.

Most work or educational accounts use Exchange or Google, but you may need to use the Other category when setting yours up. Search your institution’s knowledge base for specifics if possible, if not get in touch with your IT department.

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