Apple Maps has the convenience of being the default mapping solution on all of your Apple products, whether it be iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch. But one thing that may be overlooked are some quality of life options that may make your driving experience slightly better.

Follow along as we walk you through how to toggle tolls or highways in Apple Maps on your iPhone.

How to toggle tolls or highways in Apple Maps

  1. Head into the Settings app on your iPhone, scroll down and tap on Maps, tap Driving & Navigation.
  2. Under Avoid, toggle on Tolls or Highways. When either of these are on, it will avoid it while using Apple Maps for directions.

While on most occasions enabling either of these will take a little longer (depending on the route), it could be a useful tool to save money or avoid traffic.

It may also be a super handy tool for a parent teaching a teen how to drive, or possibly a new driver on the road in general who may not be ready for the highway.

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