One of the headlining features for iOS 12 is the new Grouped Notifications feature. It’s not as simple as grouping by app, but it intelligently creates your groups. For example, you’re getting iMessages from several different threads, those will all come in individual groups. And if an email shows up in between? That’ll show up properly.

However, there are times where you don’t want grouped notifications for certain apps and would like to disable grouping for those apps. Follow along to know how….

iOS 12: How to customize Grouped Notifications

  1. Head into Settings > Notifications.
  2. Tap into the individual app where you’d like to change the notification settings.
  3. At the bottom, tap on Notification Grouping.
  4. By default, notifications are set to Automatic, which groups them intelligently. Your other options are By App, which will pile all your notifications for that one app into a single group, or Off, which reverts it to the classic style of showing every notification individually.

Rinse and repeat for all the apps in which you’d like to change the setting for.

Grouped Notifications are super useful but some apps you don’t want to be grouped. The good news is Apple gives you the option to change it.

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